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Twain Twist

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Low Intermediate
Eliott Mar, Kristal Lynn Konzen, Trevor Thornton (USA), Kat Painter (USA), Rick Dominguez (USA) & Annemarie Dunn (USA) - May 2017
***Special Remix Somethin' Bad by DJ Jim & Annemarie Dunn
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“Headliner’s” REMIX (2017 Stagecoach)

START after 40counts “Uno, Dos, Tres, Quattro” countoff

RESTART WALL #3 after 24cts

S1: 3 Slide-touches, L Full untwist, Jump open
1-2, 3-4,R side slide-L back touch, L side slide-R back touch,
5-6, 7-8R side slide-Lback touch, L untwist full turn-Jump feet open

S2: R Grapevine, L brush, L side step-together, Heel swivels
1-2-3,4-5-6R side step-L step behind-R side step, L brush out to L side-Lside step-R nxt to L
7&8&Swivel heels R – L – R - L

S3: L Grapevine w/ ¼ L turn, R Scuff-slide back, L Coaster step
1-2-3,4-5-6L side step-R step behind- ¼ L turn into fwd L step, R heel scuff-R slide back (9:00)
7&8L back step-R step nxt to L- L fwd step
***WALL 3 RESTART – counts 7&8: ¼ R turn the L Coaster step to 12:00

S4: 4 “Box” gliding steps (3/4 L turning rotation), R fwd slide-together, ½ R turning Sailor
1-2-3-4R side step- ¼ L turn into L side step- ¼ L turn into R side step- ¼ L turn into L side step (12:00)
5-6, 7&8Big R fwd step-L step nxt to R, Rotate ½ R turn during sailor step ( R behind- weight to L-weight to R) (6:00)

S5: L side Rock-step-cross, R Hitch-slide, L Coaster, R lock w/ L Hitch-step
1&2&, 3-4L side step-recover weight on R- cross L over R- R knee up, R side slide step draw L in
5&6, 7-8L back step-R step nxt to L-Lfwd step, R “lock” step behind L lifting L knee up- L fwd step

S6: R Kick- out- out, 2 Heel/toe twists, Body roll, 2 R Bumps
1&2R fwd kick – R side step-L side step
3Twist body to R lifting R toe up w/ weight on R heel/L heel up w/ weight on L toe
&recover weight back to center feet flat
4Twist body to L lifting L tor up w/ weight on L heel/R heel up w/ weight on R toe
&recover weight back to center feet flat
5-6, 7-8Body roll weight towards L, 2 R bumps (6:00)

Stepsheet created by Annemarie Dunn 04/25/17


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