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Twist with the Fat Boys

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Phrased Intermediate
Roy Verdonk (NL) & Wil Bos (NL) - November 2010
The Twist - Fat Boys & Chubby Checker
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Intro: 16 counts (start counting after the word “twist”)
Note: Sequence – ABB-ABB-ABB-AB-A-A-A till end

Part A
Pulp Vision With Heel Bounces, Sailor Step R, Sailor Step L
1-2-3-4Move right hand from left to right in front of eyes to right while you bounce your right heel
5&6Cross RF behind LF, Step LF to left side, Step RF to right side
7&8Cross LF behind RF, Step RF to right side, Step LF next to RF

Heel Toe Swivel ( x3), Clap, Toe Strut R, Toe Strut L
1-2-3-4Swivel heels left, Swivels toes left, Swivel heels left, Clap
5-6Step forward on right toes, Step down on right heel
7-8Step forward on left toes, Step down on left heel

Step Forward R, ½ Turn L, Step Forward R, ½ turn L, Stomp forward R, Swivel L Heel, Toe, Heel,
1-2Step RF forward, ½ Turn left
3-4Step RF forward, ½ Turn left
5-6-7-8Stomp RF forward, Swivel heel LF inwards RF, Swivel toes LF inwards RF, Swivel heel LF inwards RF

Out L, Out R With Clap, In R, In L with Clap, Stomp Forward R, Bounce L and R ¼ turn L with Chicken Head!
&1-2Jump out forward RF, Jump out forward LF Left ( feet shoulder width apart ), Clap hands
&3-4Jump in back RF, Jump in back LF (feet together), clap hands
5-6-7-8Stomp RF forward, Bounce on both heels ¼ turn left while nod head forward, back

Cross R, Point L, Cross L, Point R, Close, Stomp Forward L, Hold( for 3 counts)
1-2Cross RF over LF, Point toes LF to the left side
3-4Cross LF over RF, Point toes RF to the right side
&5Close RF next to LF, Stomp LF forward,
6-7-8Hold for 3 counts

Close L, Step R, ½ Turn Left in 7 counts and walk with wobbling knees!
&-1LF beside RF, Step RF forward,
2-8Walk in seven counts a ½ turn left, and push your knees in and out.(weight ends on LF)

Part B
Step R with Hip Bump R x2, Step L with Hip Bumb left x2, Hip Roll anti clockwise
1-2Step RF to the right side and Bump right hip to the right x 2
3-4Bump left hip to left side (x2)
5-6-7-8Roll your hips in a circle 2 times anti clockwise

Rolling Vine R, Clap, Rolling Vine L, Clap
1-2¼ turn right step RF forward, ½ right step LF back
3-4¼ turn right step RF to right side, Clap hands
5-6¼ turn left step LF forward, ½ turn left step back on RF
7-8¼ turn left step LF to left side, Clap hands

Slow Diagonal Right Shuffle Forward, Hold, Slow Diagonal Left Shuffle Forward, Hold
1-2-3-4Step RF forward to right diagonal, Close LF next to RF, Step RF forward to right diagonal, Hold
5-6-7-8Step LF forward to left diagonal, Close RF next to LF, Step LF forward to left diagonal, Hold
Hand movements; On count 1-3-5-7 when you step forward use your hands like pulling yourself forward

Jazz Box Cross ¼ Turn R, Diagonal Hand Push Forward with Hip Bumb Backwards(x2)
1-2Cross RF over LF, ¼ right step back on LF
3-4-&Step RF to right side, Cross LF over RF, Step RF to the right side.
5Push both hands left forward diagonal while you push your bum backwards right
(stretch knees R & L backwards)
6Recover RF & LF center
&-7take weight on left Push both hands right forward diagonal while your bum backwards left
(stretch knees R & L backwards)
8Recover RF & LF center

Start again smile and have fun


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