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Two Old Rolling Stones

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Marianne Vita Helmprecht (USA) - 13 January 2022
Two Old Rolling Stones - Chris Vita : (iTunes)
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Shuffle Right Forward, Rock Left forward Recover, Shuffle Left Back, Rock Right Back, Recover
1&2Shuffle Right forward (right, left, right)
3-4Rock forward on Left, recover weight on Right
5&6Shuffle Left back (left, right, left)
7-8Rock back on Right, recover weight on Left

Scissor step Right, Cross Shuffle Right, Scissor Step Left, Cross Shuffle Left
1-2Rock side Right, recover weight on Left
3&4Cross shuffle Right over left, (right, left right)
5-6Rock side Left, recover weight on Right
7&8Cross shuffle Left over right (left, right, left)

Step pivot 1/4 Left, Step Pivot 1/4 Left, Jazz Box
1-4Step Right pivot 1/4 left, Step Right pivot 1/4 left
5-8Cross Right over left, step back on Left, step Right to side, step Left next to right

Right Toe, Heel, Shuffle, Left Toe, Heel, Shuffle
1-2Tap Right toe, heel next to left
3&4Shuffle forward Right (right, left, right)
5-6Tap Left toe, heel next to right
7&8Shuffle forward Left (left, right, left)




Bootscooter January 14, 2022
Hi Marianne - I was just looking at your dance "Two Old Rolling Stones" - in the second set of 8 you have listed "scissor step right, crossing shuffle" and the same with left. It should be "rock recover, crossing shuffle". A scissor would be "step right, bring left to right, then cross over with right" - step, step together, cross - counts would be 1 & 2. I think you could also list your level as beginner or possible improver.
Judy Corwin

lscott January 14, 2022
Love it, I'm going to teach it at my workshop tomorrow night in Schererville, IN. I agree with Judy. I think I'll teach it as a beginner dance.
Linda Scott

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