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Un Beso (aka La Despedida)

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José Miguel Belloque Vane (NL) & Daniel Trepat (NL)
La Despedida (Remix Version) by Daddy Yankee & El Jefe Mundial Ft Tony Dize
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Dance starts after 16 counts

Out, Out, In, Touch, Turning Vine L, Shuffle L
1RF Step out (small step forward)
2LF Step out
3RF Step back in
4LF Touch next to RF
5LF ¼ turn left stepping forward
6RF ½ turn left stepping back
7LF ¼ turn left stepping side
&RF Step next to LF
8LF Step to left side

Jazzbox, 2x Step ¼ Turn L
1RF Cross over LF
2LF Step back
3RF Step to right side
4LF Step forward
5RF Step forward
6LF ¼ turn left recovering weight
7RF Step forward
8LF ¼ turn left recovering weight

Rocking Chair, 2x Step Touch With Shimmy Shoulders
1RF Rock forward
2LF Recover weight
3RF Rock back
4LF Recover weight
5RF Step forward
6LF Touch to left side
7LF Step forward
8RF Touch to right side
Count 5 to 8 we will do shimmy shoulders

Sailorstep, Sailorstep ¼ Turn L, 4x Walks R-L-R-L
1RF Cross behind LF
&LF Step a small step to left side
2RF Step to right side
3LF Cross behind RF
&RF ¼ turn left stepping a small step side
4LF Step forward
5RF Walk forward
6LF Walk forward
7RF Walk forward
8LF Walk forward

TAG: The tag will be After Wall 2 and 7
Shuffle ½ Turn L, Rockstep, Shuffle ½ Turn R, Rockstep
1RF ¼ turn left stepping to right side
&LF ¼ turn left stepping next to RF
2RF Step back
3LF Rock back
4RF Recover weight
5LF ¼ turn right stepping to left side
&RF ¼ turn right stepping next to LF
6LF Step back
7RF Rock back
8LF Recover weight

Have fun and see next time on the dancefloor!!!



Sol March 31, 2012
re : Un Beso (aka La Despedida)I did see a small error on Section 3 in the Rocking Chair description.
we should see : 4. LF Recover weight.

Have a nice weekend and Thanks for all the nice choreography you shared. :)

Hann21921 November 16, 2014
Fabulous dance and very nice upbeat music. Many thanks.

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