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Unchained Melody

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Judy Rodgers (USA) June 2014
Unchained Melody by Bouke; (The Righteous Brothers will also work)
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4 count intro (no Tags or Restarts)

Step side, behind side cross, rock recover, behind turn ¼ step, pivot ½
1Step R to right side
2a3Step L behind R, step R to side, cross L over R
4-5Rock R to side, recover L
6a7Step R behind L, turn ¼ left step L fwd, step R fwd 9:00
8Pivot ½ left step L 3:00

Turn 1/8 step, run run run, rock recover, back lock step, step back
1Turn 1/8 right step R to right side (on diagonal) 1:30
2a3Run fwd L R L
4-5Rock R fwd, recover L
6a7Step R back, cross L over R, step R back
8Step L back

Turn 3/8 step, step together step full spiral right, rock recover, coaster step, rock fwd
1Turn 3/8 right step R fwd 6:00
2a3Step L fwd, step R together, step L fwd (full spiral turn right on ball of L)
(non-turning option for 3….just step L fwd….no turn)
4-5Rock R fwd, recover L
6a7Step back R, step L beside R, step R fwd
8Rock L fwd

Recover, turn ¼ sway L R L, behind turn ¼, turn ½ turn ½ turn ¼, rock left
1Recover R
2a3Turn ¼ left sway left, right, left in place (weight on left) 3:00
4-5Step R behind L, turn ¼ left step L fwd 12:00
6a7Turn ½ left step R back, turn ½ left step L fwd, turn ¼ left step R to side 9:00
8Rock L to left side
(non-turning option for 6a7: walk R, walk L, turn ¼ left step R to right side)

Ending: The dance will end after the 1st eight counts of wall 8 ….add 1 count to face front: turn ½ left step R back and smile



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