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Danielle Shields & Nicole Clesceri - September 2017
Unforgettable - Thomas Rhett
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START after 16 cts at lyrics
TAG(8ct)/RESTART – END of Wall 2 after 48cts

S1: Cross-Back step, Triple Lock-step, L Full turn, L Coaster
1-2, 3&4R cross over L – L back step, R back - L in front of R – R back
5-6, 7&8½ L turn onto fwd L (6:00) – ½ L turn onto back R (12:00), L back – R nxt to L – L fwd

S2: Diagonal Lock-step, Triple Lock-step, 1/8 L turning Heel grind, L Side step-touch
1-2, 3&4Towards L diagonal step R fwd – L behind R, fwd R- L behind R – fwd R (10:30)
5-6, 7-8 1/8 L turn on L heel – grind (9:00), L side step – R touch nxt to L

S3: ½ R Monterey Turn, R Side point, R Sailor w/ Sways
1-2-3-4R side point-1/2 R turn onto R step nxt to L-L side point-L step nxt to R (3:00)
5, 6&7-8R side point, R behind L – recover weight on L – R side step w/ R sway – L sway

S4: R Grapevine, L Rolling Vine (Full turn)
1-4R side step-L behind R-R side step-L touch nxt to R
5-8½ L turn onto L- ¼ L turn onto R - ¼ L turn on L – R touch nxt to L (3:00)

S5: R Side Slide w/ back L Rock-step, ½ R turn-step w/ R back Rock-step
1-2, 3-4Big side step R, L back – recover weight on R
5-6, 7-8½ R turn onto back L step, R back – recover weight on L (9:00)

S6: Box step, Hip Bump-steps
1-4Cross R over L – L back – R slightly to R side – L fwd step
5-6Place R ball of foot on slight fwd diagonal w/ R hip bump – then R fwd step
7-8Place L ball of foot on slight fwd diagonal w/ L hip bump – then L fwd step

*** END of WALL 2 TAG (8ct)/RESTART : 4 Sway-Taps
1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8Sway R – Tap L, Sway L – Tap R, Sway R – Tap L, Sway L – Tap R, RESTART

Created 09/07/17 – Stepsheet by Annemarie Dunn


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