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Kaarel Kuimet (EST) & Tairi Jõe (EST) - March 2012
Fast Car - Sean Rumsey : (Piano Acoustic Cover)
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Intro: after 16 counts, start on vocals

[1-8] Press, kick, ¾ sailor, ½, shuffle,
1, 2rock R forward, recover on L with kick R forward [12.00]
3&4make ¾ sailor to right with R, cross R over L at end [09.00]
5, 6step L forward, make ½ turn to right(weight slightly on L) [03.00]
7&8shuffle forward R, L, R [03.00]

[9-16] modified jazz box, unwind x2, side rock, cross shuffle,
1&2&cross L over R, ¼ to left stepping back on R, L to left side, cross R over L [12.00]
3, 4make ½ unwind to left [06.00], make ½ unwind to right [12.00]
5, 6rock L to left, recover on R [12.00]
7 & 8cross L over R, step R to right, cross L over R [12.00]

[17-24] back shuffle, back rock, full turn, coaster,
1 & 2step back with R, step L next to R, step back with R [12.00]
3, 4rock back on L, recover on R [12.00]
5 & 61/4 to R with L to L side [03.00], 1/4 to R with R to R side [06.00] ,½ to right with L stepping back (weight on L) [12.00]
7 & 8step back with R, step back with L, step fwr with R [12.00]

[25-32] sweep, cross shuffle,3/4 turn, sailor,
1, 2sweep L from back to front [12.00]
3 & 4cross L over R, step R to R, cross L over R [12.00]
5 & 6step back with R [12.00], 1/4 to left with L to L [09.00], ½ to left with R stepping back [03.00]
7 & 8cross L behind R, step R to R side, step L to L [03.00]

[33-40] cross rock side x2, touch ½ turn, knee pop
1, 2&cross rock R over L, recover on L, make side step to right with R [03.00]
3, 4&cross rock L over R, recover on R , side step to left with L [03.00]
5, 6touch R behind L, turn ½ to right [09.00]
7 &step forward with L, pop knees up [09.00]
8 &pop knees down, step weight onto L [09.00]

No tag's or restarts. Just fun. Enjoy :)


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