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Unselfish Love

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Easy Improver
Sebastiaan Holtland (NL) - December 2019
Monogamy - Christopher (Single 2019).(iTunes & other mp3 sites) (approx 2.04 mins ).
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No Tags or Restarts.Introduction: slow 16 counts, start approx 09 sec.

Part 1. [1-8] Syncopated Points R, L, Body Dip with ¼ Turn R, Press Step R with Sweep R, Anchor Step R.
1&2Point Rf out to R (1), Step Rf beside Lf (&), Point Lf out to L (2).
3,4Dip body down (3), Coming up and turn ¼ R (3.00) holding Rf in touch position fwd (4).
5,6Press Rf fwd (5), Recover back onto Lf and sweep Rf from front to back (6).
7&8Locked Rf behind Lf take weight onto Rf (7), Recover back onto Lf (&), Recover back onto Rf (8).

Part 2. [9-16] Press Step L with Sweep L, Weave R, Side Step R, Hold, Together, & Cross, Step L ¼ Turn L.
1,2Press Lf fwd (1), Recover back onto Rf and sweep Lf from front to back (2).
3&4Step Lf behind Rf (3), Step Rf to R (&), Step Lf across Rf (4).
5,6Step Rf out to R (5), Hold (6).
&7,8Step Lf beside Rf (&), Step Rf across Lf (7), Make ¼ turn L (12.00) step Lf fwd (8).

Part 3. [17-24] Syncopated Hip Rocks R, L, Back, ¾ Turning Pivots to R.
1,2Rock Rf to R and push hips back (1), Recover back onto Lf (2).
&3,4Step Rf beside Lf (&), Rock Lf to L and push hips back (3), Recover back onto Rf (4).
5,8Step Lf back (5), ¾ Turning pivots in a box R, L, R to (9.00) (6,8).

Part 4. [25-32] Fwd Rock L, Back Shuffle L, Back Rock R, ½ Shuffle Turn R.
1,2Rock Lf fwd (1), Recover back onto Rf (2).
3&4Step Lf back (3), Step Rf beside Lf (&), Step Lf back (4).
5,6Rock Rf back (5), Recover back onto Lf (6).
7&8&Make ½ turn L (3.00) step Rf back (7), Step Lf beside Rf (&), Step Rf back (8), Step Lf beside Rf (&)


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