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Until the Dawn

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Low Intermediate Cha Cha
Patrick Fleming - Feb 2015
Marvin Gaye by Charlie Puth (feat. Meghan Trainor)
Count In: Immediate. Listen for "Let's Marvin Gaye and get it on. Start with music on the word "On"

[1-9] R Side, Cross Rock, Recover, Shuffle L 1/4 Turn, R Pivot 1/2, Pivot 1/2, R back 1/2
1,2,3(1) Step R to right side, (2) Step L across R. (3) Recover back onto R.
4&5(4) Step L to left side, (&) Step R beside L, (5) Step L 1/4 turn to L.
6,7(6) Step forward onto R, (7) Pivot 1/2 turn to L
8&1(8) Step forward R, (&) Pivot 1/2 turn left, (1) Step R back 1/2 turn to left.

[10-17] Back L Rock, Recover R, L Triple Forward, Hips Forward-Back-Forward-Back-Step L
2,3(2) Rock back onto L, (3) Step onto R as you bump R hip to right
4&5(4) Step forward L, (&) Step R beside L, (5) Step forwar L swaying hips forward.
6,7,8(6) Sway hips back, (7) Sway hips forward, (8) Sway hips back

[18-25] Step Forward L, R Pivot 1/2, R Forward Triple Step, L Rock, Rocover, Touch
1,2,3(1) Step forward L, (2) Step Forward R, (3) Pivot 1/2 turn onto L
4&5(4) Step forward R, (&) Step L beside R, (5) Step forward R
6,7(6) Rock forward onto L, (7) Recover back onto R
8&(8) Step back onto L, (&) Touch R beside L

[26-32] R, Together &, L, Together &, R Side, Rocover 1/4 Left, R Step Pivot 1/2
1,2&(1) Step R forward to diagonal, (2) Step L beside R, (&) Step R beside L
3,4&(3) Step L forward to diagonal, (4) Step R beside L, (&) Step L beside R
5,6(5) Rock R to right side, (6) Recover onto L 1/4 turn to left
7,8(7) Step forward R, (8) Pivot 1/2 turn to left *Start dance again by turning 1/4 to L before ct.1

*Start new wall by over rotating 1/4 after count 8.


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