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Until We Meet Again

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Janet (Zhen Zhen) Ge, China(September 2019)
Goodbye My Love by Helene Fischer
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Intro 20 count ( Approx: 13 Sec )

[1-9] Rock Back, 1/2 Turn L Back, Rock Back, Side, Recover, 1/8 Turn R Fwd, 1/2 Pivot Turn L, Fwd Shuffle
12&Rock right back, recover on left, 1/2 turn L stepping right back (6:00)
34&5Rock left back, recover on right, step left side, recover on right
6&71/8 Turn R stepping left forward, step right forward(7:30), 1/2 pivot turn L recover on left (1:30)
8&1Step right forward, step left next to right, step right forward

[10-17] Half Diamond, Full Turn R, Fwd, Anchor Step, Sweep
2&3Step left forward, 1/8 turn L stepping right side, 1/8 turn L stepping left back (10:30)
4&5Step right back, 1/8 turn L Stepping left side, step right forward (9:00)
6&71/2 Turn R stepping left back, 1/2 turn R stepping right forward, step left forward
8&1Step right in place, recover on left, step right back & sweep left from front to back

[18-24] Wave Step, 1/4 Turn Back, 1/4 Turn Side, Rock Cross, Side, Cross, Point
2&3Step left behind right, step right to side, cross left over right
4&51/4 Turn L stepping right back, 1/4 turn L stepping left to side, cross right over left (3:00)
6&7Recover on left, step right to side, cross left over right
8Point right to side ( turn your body slightly face to 12:00)

[25-32] 1/4 Turn R Fwd, Wave Step, Behind, Side, Cross Shuffle, Rock Side, Cross
12&1/4 Turn R stepping right forward & sweep left from back to front, cross left over right, step right to side
34&Step left behind right & sweep right from front to back, Cross right behind left, step left to side
5&6Cross right over left, step left next to right, cross right over left
7&8Rock left to side, recover on right, cross left over right(6:00)

Tag: 4 Counts ( After on wall 2(12:00), 4(12:00) & 5(6:00 )
[1-4] Around a circle
1-4Walk R,L,R,L around a circle

Ending: On Wall 8 (begin to 6:00) dance up to count 17, 1/4 Turn L do coaster step facing 12:00

Contract Email: Janet (Zhen Zhen) Ge,
Last Update - 8 Sept. 2019
( 07:22:05)


6BB958 September 8, 2019
Great choreographer and perfect creativity and super workout and nice expression and highly impressive moves

Janet September 8, 2019
Thanks for your encouragement!

BTG September 8, 2019
“Until We Meet Again" Two thumbs up to this cool song and beautiful choreography by Janet Ge. I love it!

Janet September 8, 2019
Thanks for your great comments!

ZP September 8, 2019
Thank you!Lovely dance and music!

Yuan September 9, 2019
This is such an elegant dance. Thank you Janet Ge

Janet September 9, 2019
Thanks ZP & Yuan for your good comments.

Mad Phil September 15, 2019
Great track, and love the dance. Nothing too difficult, hope it does well.
Will be requesting this at socials,

Janet September 16, 2019

Janet September 16, 2019

Beauvale September 18, 2019
Lovely Dance and music . I hope it gets done at socials .

Janet September 19, 2019
Thanks for your good comments!

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