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Heejin Kim (KOR) & Hyun Jeong Cha (KOR) - January 2022
UP (구경이OST) - Hajin (하진) : (InspectorKoo OST)
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*Sequence : A, B, A, B, B, C, B, B

[Part A 48 count]
[1~8] Vaudeville, Cross Shuffle, 3/4 Turn R Cross Shuffle, 1/2 Turn L Cross Shuffle
1&2&RF Cross over(1), LF Step Back diagonally L(&), RF Touch Heel diagonally R(2), RF Ball Together(&)
3&4LF Cross over(3), RF Step Side(&), LF Cross over(4)
5&6RF 3/4 Turn R Cross over(5)(9:00), LF Step Side(&), RF Cross over(6)
7&8LF 1/2 Turn L Cross over(7)(3:00), RF Step Side(&), LF Cross over(8)

[9~16] Together, Sweep, Behind, Out, Out, Knee Pop, Turn R 1/8 Rock Step, Together, 1/4 Turn R Prep, Full Turn
&12RF Ball Together(&), LF Step behind RF Sweep back(1), RF Step Behind(2),
&3&4LF Step Side(&), RF Step Side(3), BF Up heel with Pop keens forward(&), BF Drop heel(4)
56&LF 1/8 Turn R Step Forward(5)(4:30), RF Recover(6), LF Step Together(&)
78&RF 1/4 Turn R Step Forward(Prep)(7)(7:30), 1/2 Turn R Step Back(8), 1/2 Turn R Step Forward(&)

[17-24] Lock Step x3, Mambo 1/2 Turn R, Volta 8/5 Turn R with Sweep
1&2&LF Step forward(1), RF Step behind(&), LF Step forward(2), RF Step behind(&),
3&4LF Step forward(3), RF Step behind(&), LF Step forword(4)
5&6&RF Step forward(5), LF Recover(&), RF 1/2 Turn R Step forward(6)(1:30), LF 1/8 Turn R Step side(&)(3:00)
7&8RF 1/4 Turn R Step forward(7)(6:00), LF 1/8 Turn R Step side(&)(7:30), RF 1/8 Turn R Step forward LF Sweep forward(8)(9:00)

[25-33] Cross Rock, Recover, Weave, Cross Rock, Recover, 1/4 Turn R, Lock Step
12&LF Cross over(1), RF Recover(2), LF Step side(&)
3&4&RF Cross over(3), LF Step side(&), RF Step behind(4), LF Step side(&)
567RF Cross over(5), LF Recover(6), RF 1/4 Turn R Step forward(7)(12:00)
8&1LF Step forward(8), RF Step behind(&), LF Step forward(1)

[34-41] Walk ×2 ,Anchor Step, Full Turn, Sailor Step
2 3RF Step forward(2), LF Step forward(3),
4&5RF Step behind(4), LF Step in place(&), RF Step backward(5)
6 7LF 1/2 Turn L Step forward(6), RF 1/2 Turn L Step Back LF Sweep back(7)(12:00)
8&1LF Step Behind(8), RF Step side(&), LF Step side(1)

[42-48] Sailor Step, Behind, Side, Lock Step, Rocking Chair
2&3RF Step behind(2), LF Step side(&), RF Step side(3)
4&LF Step behind(4), RF Step side(&)
5&6LF Step forward(5), RF Step behind(&), LF Step forward(6)
7&8&RF Step forward(7), LF Recover(&), RF Step backward(8), LF Recover(&) (12:00)

[Part B 32 count]
[1-8] Forward, Jump, Lock Step, Forward, 1/2 Turn L, 1/2 Turn L Lock Step
1 2RF Step forward(1), BF Jump place(2)
3&4&RF Step forward(3), LF Step behind(&), RF Step forward(4), LF Step forward(&)
5 6RF Step forward(5), LF 1/2 Turn L Step forward(6)(6:00)
7&8&RF 1/4 Turn L Step side(7), LF Cross over(&), RF 1/4 Turn L Step backward(8)(12:00), LF Step backward(&)

[9-16] Touch, Swivel, Backward, Touch, Swivel, Together, Syncopated Lock Step R&L, Perp
1&2&RF Touch forward(1), BF Swivel heel R(&), BF Swivel recover(2), RF Step backward(&)
3&4&LF Touch forward(3), BF Swivel heel L(&), BF Swivel recover(2), LF Step together(&)
5&6&RF Step forward(5), LF Step behind(&), RF Step forward(6), LF Step forward(&)
7&8RF Step behind(7), LF Step forward(&), RF Step forward(prep)(8)

[17-24] Full Turn R with Hitch, Touch, Cross Rock, Side Rock, Diamond 1/2 Turn L
1 2RF Full Turn R LF Hitch(1), LF Touch side RF Knee bend(2)
3&4&LF Cross over(3), RF Recover(&), LF Step side(4), RF Recover(&)
5&6LF 1/8 Turn R Step forward(5), RF 1/8 Turn L Step side(&), LF 1/8 Turn L Step backward(6)(10:30)
7&8RF Step backward(7), LF 1/8 Turn L Step side(&), RF 1/8 Turn L Step forward(8)(7:30)

[25-32] Step Touch Together X4 with Full Turn L, Cross, 1/4 Turn L Side Rock, Walk X2
1&2&LF 1/8 Turn L Step forward(1)(6;00), RF 1/8 Turn L Touch together(&), RF 1/8 Turn L Step side knees out(2)(3:00), LF 1/8 Turn L Touch together(&)
3&4&LF 1/8 Turn L Step side knees out(3)(12:00), RF 1/8 Turn L Touch together(&), RF 1/8 Turn L Step side knees out(4)(9:00), LF Touch together(&)
5&6LF Step forward(5), RF 1/4 Turn L Step side(&)(6:00), LF Recover(6)
7 8RF Step forward, LF Step forward

[Part C 24 count]
[1-8] Forward, 1/2 Turn L with Sweep, Weave, Sweep, Weave
1 2RF Step forward, LF 1/2 Turn L Sweep back
3 4LF Step behind, RF Step side
5 6LF Cross over, RF Sweep forward
7 8RF Cross over, LF Step side

[9-16] Sweep, Touch, 1/2 Turn L, 1/4 Turn L, 1/4 Turn L, Hold
1 2RF Step behind, LF Sweep back
3 4LF Touch behind, RF 1/2 Turn L weight
5 6LF 1/4 Turn L Step forward, RF 1/4 Turn L Touch together
7 8Hold, Hold

[17-24] Walking Full Turn R, Pose and Hold
1 2RF 1/4 Turn R Step forward, LF 1/4 Turn R Step forward
3 4RF 1/4 Turn R Step forward, LF 1/4 Turn R Step forward
5~8RF Touch forward, Hold 3 count


S. K. January 14, 2022
Love the music, love the dance! 💝

Marsd24 January 15, 2022
Well done 쌤들
- GD -

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