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Upside Shake

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Michelle Risley (UK) & Cody Flowers (USA) - March 2021
Upside - Judith Hill
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Bridge - Repeat Counts 33-40 - Wall 2

Dance starts 32 Counts In

[1-8] ¼ Step-Touch (x3), Side, Cross-Kick
1 2Step RF forward, ¼ Left touching LF beside RF (9:00)
3 4¼ Left stepping LF forward, Touch RF beside LF (6:00)
5 6¼ Left stepping RF forward, Touch LF beside RF (3:00)
7 8Step LF to left side, Kick RF across LF (3:00)
During Counts 1-7, you will shimmy your shoulders. SHAKE IT!

[9-16] Vine Right, Side-Drag, ¼ Rock-Recover
1 2Step RF to right side, LF behind RF (3:00)
3 4RF to right side, Cross LF over RF (3:00)
5 6Big Step RF to right side, Drag LF to RF (3:00)
7 8¼ Left rocking back on LF, Recover weight on RF (12:00)

[17-24] Toe Strut, Step-½ Pivot, ¼ Sweep, Behind-Side
1 2Touch Left Toe forward, Step down on LF (12:00)
3 4Step RF forward, Pivot ½ Turn Left transferring weight to LF (6:00)
5 6¼ Turn left stepping RF to right side, Sweep LF around RF (front to back) (3:00)
7 8Step LF behind RF, Step RF to right side (3:00)

[25-32] Cross Rock, Side Rock, Back Rock, Step, Kick-Ball
1 2Rock LF across RF, Recover weight on RF (3:00)
3 4Rock LF to left side, Recover weight on RF (3:00)
5 6Rock back on LF, Recover weight on RF (3:00)
7 8&Step LF forward, Kick RF forward, Step down on the ball of RF (3:00)

[33-40] Side Touch (x2), Forward Touch, Back Hook
1 2Step LF to left side, Touch RF beside LF (3:00)
3 4Step RF to right side, Touch LF beside RF (3:00)
5 6Step LF forward, Touch RF behind LF (3:00)
7 8Step back on RF, Hook LF across RF (3:00)

BRIDGE: During wall 2 which starts facing 3:00, dance up to the forward, back touch. Step back on RF (39) and touch LF beside RF (40). Then repeat counts 33-40 and continue on with the dance.

[41-48] Step-Lock-Step, Brush, ¼ Jazz Box with Brush
1 2Step LF forward, Lock RF behind LF (3:00)
3 4Step LF forward, Brush RF beside LF (3:00)
5 6Cross RF over LF, ¼ Right stepping back on LF (6:00)
7 8Step RF to right side, Brush LF across RF (6:00)

[49-56] Toe Strut, ¼ Toe Strut, ¼ Toe Strut, Cross Rock-Recover
1 2Touch Left Toes across RF, Step down on LF (6:00)
3 4¼ Turn left touching Right Toes back, Step down on RF (3:00)
5 6¼ Turn left stepping Left Toes to left side, Step down on LF (12:00)
7 8Rock RF across LF, Recover weight on LF (12:00)

[57-64] Night Club Basic Right, ¼ Night Club Basic Left
1 2RF big step to right side, Drag LF to RF (12:00)
3 4Rock LF behind RF, ¼ Turn Right recovering weight on RF (3:00)
5 6LF big step to left side, Drag RF to LF (3:00)
7 8Rock back on RF, Recover weight on LF (3:00)

End The Dance
You replace the last 2 counts of the dance with Hook RF behind LF (63), Pivot ½ Turn over Right Shoulder (64) to 12:00 & Smile! | |


Layla09 April 9, 2021
Such a fun happy dance just what we need 😀👍💃

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