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Urban Wave

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Sue Smyth (UK), Peter Jones (UK), Anna Lockwood (UK), Lesley Michel (UK), Michelle Mathieson (UK) & Lorna Dennis (UK) - August 2018
My Wave (feat. Shy Carter) - Keith Urban : (Album: Graffiti U - iTunes)
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#32 count intro – 1 Restart

Section 1: Right side behind and ball cross side, left rock behind recover, left kickball cross
1-2step right to right side, Step left behind right
&3-4step right to right side, cross left over right, step right to right side
5-6rock left behind right, recover on right
7&8kick left forward, step on ball of left foot, cross right over left
Section 2: Left side behind and ball cross side, right rock behind recover, right kickball cross
1-2step left to left side, Step right behind left
&3-4step left to left side, cross right over left, step left to left side
5-6rock right behind left, recover on left
7&8kick right forward, step on ball of right foot, cross left over right
Restart (on wall 3 Restart here)

Section 3: Side switches, heel switches, half turn left
1-2point right toe to right side and hold
&3-4step right next to left, point left toe to left side and hold
&5&6step left next to right, right heel forward, step right next to left, left heel forward
&7-8step left next to right, step forward on right, ½ turn over left shoulder

Section 4: Syncopated forward rocks right and left, left shuffle back, right toe behind ½ turn unwind
1-2rock right forward and recover on left
&3-4step right next to left, rock left forward and recover on right
5&6step back on left, step right next to left, step back on left
7-8right toe behind, ½ turn over right shoulder (keeping weight on right foot)

Section 5: Left side rock, behind side cross, right side rock recover, behind ¼ step
1-2rock left to left side, recover on right
3&4step left behind right, right to right side, cross left over right
5&6rock right to right side, recover on left
7-8step right behind left, make ¼ turn left stepping forward on left, step forward on right

Section 6: Left toe strut forward, right toe strut forward, left rock recover, ½ turn toe strut
1-2put left toe forward, drop left heel
3-4put right toe forward, drop right heel
5-6rock forward on left, recover on right
7-8½ turn left putting left toe down, drop left heel

Section 7: Kick and point x 2, Right jazz box cross
1&2kick right foot forward, recover on right, point left toe to left side
3&4kick left foot forward, recovery on left, point right to right side
5-6step right over left, step back on left
7-8step right to right side, cross left over right

Section 8: 4 x Diagonal step touches
1-2step diagonally forward on right, touch left next to right
3-4step diagonally back on left, touch right next to left
5-6step diagonally back on right, touch left next to right
7-8step diagonally forward on left, touch right next to left
(Wave arms in the air above the head during this section.)

Restart on wall after 16 counts, facing 6 o’clock

Happy dancing

This was choreographed by ‘The Quickdraw Gang’. It will fit to many different pieces of music both fast and slow. If you would like a slower track then please try the alternative track ‘Cold Shoulder’ by Josh Turner, Restart in the same place.


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