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Mary Bee Friedrich – October 2018
Used to Have it All – by Fais & Afrojack (3.25)
Start dancing after Count 32, Mambo, cross

Section 1 Side Rock, Coaster Step, Side Rock, Coaster Step
1-2RF Rock to right side, LF recover on left
3&4RF Step back, LF Step back close to RF, RF Step fwd.
5-6LF Rock to left side, RF recover on right
7&8LF Step back, RF Step back close to LF, LF Step fwd.

Section 2 Walk r l ,Shuffle, Rock fwd., Triple ½ Turn
9-10RF Step fwd., LF Step fwd.
11&12RF Step fwd., LF lock to RF, RF Step fwd.
13-14LF Rock fwd., RF recover on right
15&16LF Step ¼ Turn left, RF close to LF, LF Step ¼ Turn left

Section 3 Walk r l, Mambo Cross, Walk l r, Mambo Cross
17-18RF Step fwd., LF Step fwd.
19&20RF Rock to Right side, LF recover on left, RF cross over LF
21-22LF Step fwd., RF Step fwd.
23&24LF Rock to Left side, RF recover on Right, LF cross over RF

Section 4 Quarter turn back, Quarter Turn left.,Shuffle, Rockìn Chair, Ball Step
25-26RF ¼ turn back Right, LF ¼ Turn left
27&28RF Step fwd., LF close to RF, RF Step fwd.
29-30LF Rock fwd., RF recover on right
31-32&LF Rock back, RF recover on right, RF Ball Step on place, LF recover on left

* Have fun and make some POP – Moves 😊

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Mary Bee Friedrich November 21, 2018
This Choreo is for my Friends M.+F....thank för all!

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