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V Boom

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High Beginner
Mayee Lee (MY) - September 2011
Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!! - Vengaboys : (3:22)
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Intro: 64 COUNTS - Start after 32 counts, follow with 32 counts Intro Dance

Intro Dance
1 – 4Step Rt to Rt(1), Lt behind Rt(2), step Rt to Rt(3), touch Lt beside Rt(4)
5 – 8Step Lt to Lt(5), Rt behind Lt(2), step Lt to Lt(3), touch Rt beside Lt(4)
9 – 16Repeat 1 - 8
17 – 24Shake 8 counts in place (hold both of your fists and roll beside your head)
25 – 32Repeat 17 - 24

Section 1: Vine Step R, Shake x4
1 - 4Step Rt to Rt(1), Lt behind Rt(2), step Rt to Rt(3), Lt together Rt(4)
5 - 8Shake 4 times in place (5-8)(hold both fists and roll beside your head)

Section 2: Vine Step L, Shake x4
1 - 4Step Lt to Lt(1), Rt behind Lt(2), step Lt to Lt(3), Rt together Lt(4)
5 - 8Shake 4 times in place(5-8)(hold both fists and roll beside your head)

Section 3: R Jazzbox, Out, Out, In, In
1 - 4Cross Rt over Lt(1), step Lt back(2), step Rt to Rt(3), step Lt forward(4)
5 - 8Step Rt out(5), step Lt out(6), step Rt in(7), step Lt beside Rt(8)

Section 4: Walk Forward R L R, Together, Hip Bumps x4
1 - 4Walk forward Rt Lt Rt (1-3), step Lt together Rt (4)
5 - 8Bump hip to Lt(5), bump hip backward(6), bump hip to Rt(7), bump hip at centre(8)

Section 5: Jump Apart, Jump In, Pivot ½ L, Side, Touch, Side, Touch
1 - 4Jump both feets apart(1), jump both feets together(2), step Rt forward(3), pivot ½ turn Lt step on Lt(4)(6.00)
(raise both hands at side(1), clap both hands on top(2), put down both hands(3))
5 - 8Step Rt to Rt(5), touch Lt behind Rt(6), step Lt to Lt (7),touch Rt behind Lt(8)

Section 6: Diagonal, Touch, Chest Bump Twice, Diagonal, Touch, Chest Bump Twice
1 - 4Step Rt to diagonally Rt(1), touch Lt beside Rt(2), chest bump twice (3-4)
5 - 8Step Lt to diagonally Lt(5), touch Rt beside Lt(6), chest bump twice (5-8)
***** Restart here wall 3 after 48 counts ******

Section 7: Heel Grind, R Coaster Step, Together, Pop Knees Up
1 - 4Step Rt heel forward(1), twist Rt toe from Rt to Lt(2), step Rt back(3), Lt together Rt(4)(start of coaster step)
5 - 8Step Rt forward(5)(Finish coaster step), Lt together Rt(6), pop both knees up(7), step both heels down(8)

Section 8: Heel Grind, L Coaster Step, Together, Chest Bump
1 - 4Step Lt heel forward(1), twist Lt toe from Lt to Rt(2), step Lt back(3), Rt together Lt(4)(start of coaster step)
5 - 8Step Lt forward(5)(Finish coaster step), Rt together Lt(6), chest bump twice(7-8)

Restart: During wall 3 (12.00), dance 48 counts & restart facing 6.00

Ending: Wall 7 (12.00), dance 28 counts & add 2 counts for ending pose

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