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Va Va Voom

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Phrased Intermediate
Nicky Tan - June 2013
Va Va Voom - Nicki Minaj
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Intro : 16 counts

Sequence : ABB, ABB Tag A(5x8) BB

PART A (6x8)
Section A1 : Right Vine, Heel Switches, Turn 1/4 L & Flick
1,2,3,4Step RF to R, Step LF behind, Step RF to side, Step, Cross LF over RF
5&Touch R heel forward, Step RF together,
6&Touch L heel forward, Step LF together (12:00)
7,8Touch R heel forward, Turn 1/4 L & Flick RF back (9:00)

Section A2 : Walk forward, Kick Ball Change, Right Knee In, Left Knee In
1,2Step RF forward, Step LF forward,
3&4Kick RF forward, Step on ball of RF, Step LF to L side
5,6Bend knees & move Right Knee In, Straighten up
7,8Bend knees & move Left Knee In, Straighten up (9:00)

Section A3 : Ball Step, 1/4 R Turn, Shoulder Pop, Step Touch x2
&1,2Step back on ball of RF, Step LF forward, Turn 1/4 R with weight on both feet (12:00)
3,4Push R shoulder to R, Push L shoulder to L with weight on LF
5,6Step RF to R, Touch LF to side doing a body roll to R side
7,8Step LF in place, Touch RF to side doing a body roll to L side (12:00)

Section A4 : Right Hip Bump, Left Hip Bump, Jazz Box
1,2Step RF forward & push R hip out twice
3,4Step LF forward & push L hip out twice
5,6,7,8Cross RF over LF, Step LF back, Step RF to side, Step LF forward (12:00)

Section A5 : Paddle with a Full Turn
1,2Step RF forward, Turn 1/4 L with weight on LF (9:00)
3,4Repeat Steps 1,2 (6:00)
5,6Repeat Steps 1,2 (3:00)
7,8Repeat Steps 1,2 (12:00)

Section A6 : V-Step, Right Forward Mambo, ,Left Forward Mambo
1,2,Step RF diagonally forward, Step LF to side
3,4Step RF back, Step LF together
5&6Rock RF forward, Recover on LF, Step RF together
7&8Rock LF forward, Recover on RF, Step LF together (12:00)

PART B (4x8)
Section B1 : Right Samba, Left Samba
1&2Cross RF over LF, Rock LF to L, Recover on RF (12:00)
3&4Cross LF over RF, Turn 1/4 L & Rock RF to R, Recover on LF (9:00)
5&6Repeat Steps 1&2
7&8Repeat Steps 3&4 (6:00)

Section B2 : Right Mambo, Hold, Left Mambo, Hold
1,2Rock RF to R, Recover on LF
3,4Step RF together, Hold
5,6Rock LF to L, Recover on RF
7,8Step LF together, Hold (6:00)

Section B3 : Walk Diagonally Forward with a Scuff, Hip Lift & Drop
1,2,3,4Walk 3 steps RF, LF RF diagonally forward to R, Scuff LF (7:30)
5,6,7,8Touch LF forward & Drop L hip (5), Lift hip (6), Drop & Lift Hip (7,8)

Section B4 : Rolling Vine to Left, Hip Roll, Sexy Pose
1,2,3,4Turn 1/4 L & Step LF forward, Turn 1/2 L & Step RF back, Turn 1/4 L & Step LF to side, Step RF to side (6:00)
5,6Do a hip circle from L to R
7,8Bend knees, push hip back & slowly straighten up (Hands styling : hands touching knees and slowly move up to waist) (6:00)

TAG (4x8) (12:00)
Section T1 : Weave to Left
1,2,3,4Cross RF over LF, Step LF to side, Cross RF behind LF, Step LF to side
5,6,7,8Repeat Steps 1-4

Section T2 : Sway Body R, L, R, L
1,2Sway body to R
3,4Sway body to L
5,6Repeat Steps 1,2
7,8Repeat Steps 3,4

Section T3 : Vine to Right
1,2,3,4Step RF to side, Cross LF behind RF, Step RF to side, Cross LF over RF
5,6,7,8Repeat Steps 1-4

Section T4 : Step side & Sway Body R, L, R, L
1,2Step RF to side & Sway Body to R
3,4Sway body to L
5,6Sway body to R
7,8Sway body to L



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