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Vacation Party

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Improver / Intermediate
Rhonda Hurles - September 2016
Vacation - Thomas Rhett
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Front Wall
(1-8) Hip Bump Rt and Lt, walk forward R, L, R, L.
1&2wt on Lt, step fwd on to Rt, hip bump Rt
3&4wt on Rt, Step fwd on to Lt, Hip Bump Lt
5,6,7,8Travel walk forward, stepping R, L, R ,L

(9-16) Rocking Chair Fwd/back on RT, Step Fwrd on Rt, ¼ Pivot turning towards Lt, Step fwrd on Rt, ¼ Pivot turning towards Lt, stepping on Rt, stepping on Lt continue turning towards Lt, right taking wt on Rt, Full Circle Turn spinning on Rt, ending with wt on Lt ft, facing back wall
1-2) Rt foot rocks frwd
3-4Rt foot rocks Back
5-6Rt ft steps fwrd, ¼ pivot to Left, Taking wt onto Lt Ft facing toward back wall
7-8Rt ft steps fwrd, taking wt , make a full circle trurn on Rt Ft ending facing back wall with wt on Lt foot

Back Wall
(17-24) Side rock cross Rt, side walk cross Lt, Diag step touch forward Rt, Lt and Back Lt, Rt (STEP TOUCH GROOVE)
1-2Step Rt Ft out to Rt side, cross Rt foot in front of Lt
3-4Step Lt foot out to left side, cross Lt ft in front of Rt
5-6Wt is on Lt, step fwrd onto Rt Ft at a slight diagonal towards your left, touch left toe next to Rt heal, wt is on Rt.
7-8Stepping back onto left foot taking wt onto Lt, touch Rt toe next to Lt heal

(25-32) R side toe touch, L side toe touch, R heel touch fwd, Lt heel touch Fwd, jump back hold, jump fwd hold
1-2Side Toe touch Rt to Lt
3-4Heel touch Fwrd Rt to Lt
5-6Jump back hold on count 6
7-8Jump forward hold on count 8

(33-40) Twists and Rolls Right
1-2Feet together, twist hips to Rt
3-4Twist hips to Lt
5,6,7,8Roll to the RT, stepping onto Rt Ft, turning twrds your Rt, do a roll turn stepping R, L, R, L, ending Facing back at front with Lt toe next to Rt heel,

(41-48) Twist and Roll Left
1-2Feet together, twist hips to Lt
3-4Twist hips to Rt
5,6,7,8Roll to the LT, stepping onto Lt Ft, turning twrds your Lt, do a roll turn stepping L, R,L R, ending Facing back at front with Rt toe next to Lt heel,

(49-56) Hop hold forward, Hop hold Back, Roll to Right
1-2Hop forward feet together hold a count
3-4Hop Back feet together hold a count
5,6,7,8Roll to the Rt (see description above)

(57-64) Foot Work – behind & Over & Hold Left to Right
1,2,3,4Stepping to left moving laterally to the left, step Rt foot behind Lt, Rt foot over Lt
(weave step), Step onto Lt foot, taking wt onto Lt, touch Rt heel forward and hold on count 4 (repeat same foot work moving to Rt)
5,6,7,8Stepping to Rt moving laterally to the Rt, step Lt foot behind Rt, Lt foot over Rt
(weave step), Step onto Rt foot, taking wt onto Rt, touch Lt Heel forward and hold on count 8

Hope you enjoy this fun dance!
Please do not change or amend this step sheet in any way. All right reserved, video rights of choreography to choreographer Rhonda Hurles. If you would like to use this step sheet to Vaction Party on your website, you must keep it in the original formatwith this contact info attached. This song does not belong to me, it belongs to Thomas Rhett and this video is only for instructional educational use only!


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