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H. R. Adi - January 2013
Valentine - Martina McBride
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Intro: 20 Count, 4 Seconds, Start Before On Vocal

Prissy Walk, Rock Recover Side, Side Recover
1-2Step fwd R cross over left, with sweep L (12:00)
3-4Step fwd L cross over right, with sweep R (12:00)
5-6Step fwd R, recover on L (12:00)
7-8Step R to right side, recover on L (12:00)

Weave, Sweep
1-2Cross R over left, step L to left side (12:00)
3-4Cross R behind left, sweep with L out to L side (12:00)
5-6Cross L behind right, step R to right side (12:00)
7-8Step fwd L hold (12:00)

Rocking Chair, Coaster Step
1-2Step fwd R, recover L (12:00)
3-4Step back R hold (12:00)
5-6Step back L, close R beside L (12:00)
7-8Step fwr L hold (12:00)
Restart Here On Wall : 2

Scissor Step, ½ Rumba Box, Pivot ½ Left
1-2Step R to right side, step L together (12:00)
3-4Cross R over L , step L to left side (12:00)
5-6Step R together left, Step fwd L (12:00)
7-8Step fwd R, pivot ½ left step fwd L (6:00)

Walk, Walk, Weave Turn ¼ Right
1-2Step fwd R hold (6:00)
3-4Step fwd L hold (6:00)
5-6Step R to right side, cross L behind right (9:00)
7-8Turn ¼ right step fwd R, step fwd L (9:00)

2x Side Touch, Rock Recover, Turn ¼ Left, Turn ½ Right
1-2Step R to right side, step L touch next R (9:00)
3-4Turn left ¼ step L to left side, step R touch next L (6:00)
5-6Step fwd R, recover L (6:00)
7-8Touch R behind L, turn ½ right step fwd R (12:00)

2x 1/8 Turn Left, ½ Rumba Box
1-2Step L to left side, step R next L (12:00)
3-4Turn 1/8 left step fwd L hold (11:00)
5-6Turn 1/8 left step R to right side, step L next R (9:00)
7-8Step back R hold

Step Back, Recover Forward, 2x Pivot Left
1-2Step back L, recover R (9:00)
3-4Step fwd L hold, (9:00)
5-6Step fwd R, turn ½ left step fwd L (3:00)
7-8Step fwd R, turn ½ left step fwd L (9:00)

Restart On Wall : 2 After Count : 24



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