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Rosie Morrison - September 2019
Valerie - Mark Ronson & Amy Winehouse
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Section 1: Walk R L Step 1/2 Left Walk L R Step 1/2 Right.
1-2step forward right step forward left .
3&4step turn step 1/2 left. Stepping frwd on right
Repeat 1-2 3&4.on left

Section 2: Skate R Skate L Chasse R .Skate L Skate R Chasse 1/4:Left.
1-2.skate right skate left
3&4chasse to the right
5-6skate left skate right
7&8chasse 1/4- left.

Section 3: R Mambo L Back Lock Step ,R Coaster Step ,L Shuffle Fwrd.
1&2right frwd mambo
3&4left back lock step
5&6right coaster step.
7&8left shuffle frwd.

Section 4: Paddle Turn Paddle Turn Lft. Cross And Heel And Touch And Touch.
1-2paddle turn 1/8.
3-4paddle turn 1/8 left(6)
5&6cross right over left step back on left touch right heel forward.
7&8bring right heel in touch left toe beside r heel step on left and touch right toe beside left heel.

The end - enjoy


reeling October 27, 2019
Rosie love this dance taut it on Thursday morning in Kilkenny Everyone loved it.It def a five star and a No 1 Keep up the good work. Realy enjoyed learning this dance in Magluf Rosie Sarah

Dance Crazy November 5, 2019
Well done Rosie. Being danced by all the gang in Cork. Xx

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