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Valet Stomp

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High Beginner
Sarah Kemp - October 2015
High Class - Eric Paslay
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TAG: One 8 count Tag followed by a Restart.
Wall 2: Do the first 8 counts starting on 09:00 then TAG:
[09:00] Vine to the right, ¼, ¼, ½ turns, end with weight on left and RESTART dance.
1,2(Weight on Lt) Rt to right side(1), Lt behind Rt (2)
3,4Rt to right side(3), touch Lt to instep of Rt (4).
5,6(4 count turn) Lt to left side ¼ turn(point Lt toe to 06:00) (5), ¼ turn to 03:00 over left shoulder stepping Rt over Lt(6).
7,8Lt foot behind Rt foot, pivoting on right for a ½ turn facing 09:00(7) Hold (8)

S1: [12:00] Step, lock, step-lock-step x2
1, 2Step Rt forward(1) Lock Lt behind Rt (2)
3&4Step Rt forward (3) Lock Lt behind Rt (&)Step Rt forward(4)
5, 6Step Lt forward(5) Lock Rt behind Lt (6)
7&8Step Lt forward (7) Lock Rt behind Lt (&)Step Lt forward(8)

S2: [03:00] Rock replace, Progressive turning triple, (12:00) Back coaster step.
1,2Step Rt forward rock(1), replace to Lt (2)
3&4¼ turn to 03:00 Rt to Rt side(3) Lt to instep of Rt (&) turning a ¼ wall Step Rt to face 06:00 (4)
5&6¼ turn to 09:00 Lt to Lt side (5) Rt to instep of Lt (&) turning a ¼ wall Step back taking weight on Lt foot to face 12:00 (6)
7&8Step Rt foot back (7), bring Lt next to Rt (&), step Rt forward(8).

S3: [12:00] Sailor, sailor, ¼ turn sailor land on rt foot, stomp, stomp.
1&2Lt behind Rt, Rt to right side, Lt to left side
3&4Rt behind Lt, Lt to left side, Rt to right side
5&6(¼ turn sailor) step swing left foot out in front while turning a ¼ wall placing Lt foot down (5) facing 09:00, Rt to right side(&), Lt to left side (6).
7, 8STOMP Rt foot twice (7, 8)

S4: [09:00] Lindy right, Lindy left.
1&2Step Rt to right side (1), step Lt next to Rt (&), Rt to right side(2).
3, 4Rock back on Lt (3), replace weight to Rt (4).
5&6Step Lt to left side (5), step Rt next to Lt (&), Lt to left side (6).
7, 8Rock back on Rt replace weight to Lt.


Please do not change or amend this step sheet in any way. All rights reserved, video rights of choreography to choreographer Sarah Kemp. If you would like to use this step sheet to Valet Stomp on your website you must keep it in the original format with this contact info attached. This song does not belong to me, belongs to Eric Paslay and this is only for instructional use only. No intent for copy write infringement. -


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