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Position: Side-by-side
The dance is done in line of dance and partners use same footwork starting with the right foot. This dance is a waltz. Try to use rise and fall, heel leads on one and four when possible, etc.
1-2-3Walk forward right, left, right
4-5-6Walk forward left, right, left
7-8-9MAN: Walk forward right, step in place left, right
 LADY: Walk forward right, step slightly forward left turning ½ right, step in place right
10-11-12MAN: Walk backward left, steps in place right, left
 Lady walk forward left, step slightly forward right turning ½ left, step in place left
Do not drop hands during counts 7-12
13-14-15Walk forward right, left, right
16-17-18Walk forward left, right, left
19-20-21Step right to right side, rock back on the left crossing behind, step in place right
22-23Step left to left side, step right crossing behind left
24Step in place left while turning ¼ right (facing OLOD in Indian position)
25-26-27Step right behind left, side step left, step right across left (this travels LOD)
28-29-30Step left to side, step right crossing behind, step left to side and turn ½ left
Release left hands before turning and pick up left hands after turning at hip level (facing ILOD in reverse Indian position.)
31-32-33Step right to side, step left crossing behind, step right to side (this travels LOD)
Release right hands
34MAN: Step left and begins ½ turn left
 LADY: Step left in place
35-36MAN: Step right, left in place completing half turn left
 LADY: Take small steps backward right, left
Take right hands so that the right arms are below the left arms (crossed open position with left arms on top. Man facing OLOD lady facing ILOD)
37Step right toward your partner while lifting both arms above head
38-39Step left in place, step right in place
40Step left backward while lowering both arms
41-42Step right in place, step left in place
43Step right toward your partner while lifting left arms above head
44-45Step left, right in place. (man turns ¼ left lady turns ¾ left on these counts)
Both man and lady should be facing LOD in side-by-side position
46-47-48Walk forward left, right, left



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