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Andrina K Faulds (SCO) - November 2018
Let's Go to Vegas - Jimmy Buckley
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Count in: 48 - no Tags or Restarts

Section 1: Toe strut right and left, walk with dip right and left, right point and hook ¼ right
1-2Step forward touching right toe to floor (1), drop right heel to the floor (2),
3-4Step forward touching left toe to floor (3), drop left heel to the floor (4)
5-6Step forward right (5), step forward left (6)
7-8Point right toe to right side, bring right book back in making ¼ right hooking right foot in front of left

Section 2: Right shuffle, scuff, left shuffle together
1-2-3-4Step forward on right foot (1), close left foot besides right (2), step forward on right foot (3), scuff left foot gently across floor (4)
5-6 -7-8Step forward on left foot (5), close right foot besides left (6), step forward on left foot (7), touch right beside left (8)

Section 3: Right Monterey with a kick forward, left jazz box with scuff
1-2-3-4Touch right toe to right side (1), step right foot in place making ¼ right (2), touch left toe to left side (3), kick left foot forward (4)
5-6 -7-8Step left foot across right (5), step right foot back (6), step left foot to left side (7), scuff right foot gently across floor (8)

Section 4: Step ½ left, step ¼ left with holds (click fingers)
1-2-3-4Step forward onto right (1), hold (2), pivot ½ turn left keeping weight on left (3), hold (4)
5-6 -7-8Step forward on right (5), hold (6), pivot ¼ turn left keeping weight on left (7), hold (8)

Happy Dancing xxx



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