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Ven Aqui

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Phrased Intermediate
Raymond Sarlemijn (NL) & Roy Verdonk (NL) - February 2021
Ven Ven - Rolf Sanchez
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Intro : 16 counts - Phrasing : A, A, B, A, 1/2A B, A

S1 - Walks R/L, Kick/ Ball/ Heel, Ball , 1/4 Turn L, Side R, Sailor L, Swivel L
1-2RF walk forward, LF walk forward
3&4RF kick forward, RF small step back (&), LF touch heel forward
&5LF step next to RF (&), make 1/4 turn left stepping RF side right (09.00)
6&7LF cross behind RF, RF step side right(&), LF step diagonally left forward
&8BF swivel heels to left (&), BF swivel back to centre again (weight on RF)

S2 - Side, Behind, Ball/ Step, Knee Pop, Kick/ Ball/ Point, Sailor With 1/4 Turn L
1-2LF step left, RF cross behind
&3LF small step left (&), RF step diagonally forward right
&4pop knees forward (&), straighten knees again (weight on LF)
5&6RF kick forward, RF step next to LF (&), LF point to left
7&8LF cross behind RF, make 1/4 turn stepping RF side right (&), LF step forward (06.00)

S3 - Out R, Swivet R, Syncopated Side Rocks R/L, Coaster L
1&2RF step right, Swivet BF right(&), back to centre (weight on LF)
3-4&RF rock side R, recover onto LF, RF step together (&)
5-6LF rock side L, recover onto RF
7&8LF step back, RF step together (&), LF step forward

S4 - Triple Forward R, Forward L, 1/2 Turn R , Forward R, 1/2 Turn R, Back L, 1/4 R, Side R, Scissor L
1&2RF step forward, LF step together (&), RF step forward
3-4LF step forward, 1/2 turn right stepping RF forward (12.00)
5-61/2 turn right stepping LF back, 1/4 turn right stepping RF side right (09.00)
7&8LF rock side left, recover onto RF(&), LF cross over RF

(For explanation we use 12.00, although it starts first time to 06.00)
S1 - Mambo Cross (2×), Paddle Turn 1/8 L (4×)
1&2RF rock right, recover onto LF(&), RF cross over LF
3&4LF rock left, recover onto RF (&), LF cross over RF
5&make 1/8 turn left rocking RF to right , recover onto LF (10.30)
6&make 1/8 turn left rocking RF to right , recover onto LF (09.00)
7&make 1/8 turn left rocking RF to right , recover onto LF (07.30)
8&make 1/8 turn left rocking RF to right , recover onto LF (06.00)

S2 - Step R With Hip Bumps To R (4×) With Hand Movements, Ball/ Cross, 1/4 Turn L, Forward L, Reversed Coaster Step R With 1/2 Turn L
1&2&RF step out to right bumping hips to right, bump hips to left(&), bump hips to right, bump hips to left (&) *
(*snap fingers to right on counts 1-2)
3&4bump hips to right, bump hips to left (&), bump hips to right (weight remains on RF) *
(*keep hands on diagonal forward above head with palms facing forward , on count 3&4 you switch left hand forward(3), right hand forward (&), left hand forward(4)
&5LF step slightly behind RF (&), RF cross over LF
6make 1/4 turn left stepping LF forward (03.00)
7&8RF step forward, make 1/2 turn left stepping LF together(&), RF step forward (09.00)

S3 - Out/ Out/ Out, Toe/ Heel Fan/ Hitch , Tripple R Diagonal, Tripple L Diagonal
1&2LF step left, RF step right (&), LF step left
3&4BF toes together, BF heels together(&), RF hitch knee up
5&6RF step right diagonally forward, LF step together(&), RF step right diagonally forward
7&8LF step left diagonally forward, RF step together (&), LF step left diagonally forward

S4 - Vaudeville hop (2×), Rock Forward R, Recover L, Coaster R, Together
1&RF cross over LF, LF step diagonally back left (&)
2&RF touch toes diagonally forward right, RF small step right (&)
3&LF cross over RF, RF step diagonally back right (&)
4&LF touch toes diagonally forward left, LF small step left(&)
5-6RF rock forward, recover onto LF
7&8RF step back, LF step together (&), RF step forward & LF step together


Annki February 23, 2021
Love it 😁💃💃

Selvin February 25, 2021
Love it

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