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Visions (P)

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John Sandham (ES) & Janette Sandham
Angel Of Love - Tom Russell
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Position: Sweetheart
1-8Four shuffles forward on left, right, left, right
9-12Walk forward on left, right, left, hitch right-release left hands as you hitch
13-16Ladies turn-raise right hands above lady's head and turn her 1 & ½ turns to the left (inside) while you both step right, left, right, hitch left
Ladies are now facing RLOD & holding partner's right hand
17-20Step left, right, left, hitch right (stepping apart)
21-24Change sides both step right, cross left behind, step right hitch left changing to left hands as you cross each other (face to face)
25-28Change sides both step left, cross right behind, step left hitch right (lady makes 1&½ turn to left coming under man's left hand & taking hold of man's right to end in sweetheart position)
29-32Change sides keeping hold of both hands both step right, left, right, touch left toes together as you change places; both turning ¼ turn (man to left, lady to right) to face, hands crossed & touching left toes
33-36Reverse change as 29-32 but stepping left, right, left, touch right toes together changing sides; end facing each other; both hands crossed & touching toes
37-40Ladies spin let go of left hands, raise right hand above lady's head as you turn her 1 & ¼ turns to right (outside) both are on right, left, right, hitch left (also go forward & resume sweetheart position)



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