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Voices That Care

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Intermediate NC2S
Simon Ward (AUS) - March 2015
Voices That Care, By Celine Dion + Friends (4:56) Album: Voices That Care Single
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Notes: Tag at the end of wall 3, Restart on wall 6 & 9 after count 28&, Step substitute at the end of wall 8

Dance starts on vocals, approx. 9secs into song. Dance finishes facing front slowly on count 23&

[1-8] R fwd sweep L, Weave left sweep R, Weave L, Step R fwd on L diagonal, Step L ball fwd with styling, Run back ½ R
1-2&Step right slightly forward sweeping left foot forward, Cross/step left over right, Step right to right side 12.00
3-4&Step left behind right sweeping right foot back, Step right behind left, Step left to left side 12.00
5-6Step right forward to left diagonal 10.30, Step/lean ball of left forward, (right shoulder & arm come slightly forward, hold count 6 position nice and tall for styling at 10.30)
7&8Step back right, step back left, step back right turning ½ turn right hitching left knee 4.30

[9-16&] Basic L, R side ¼ turn L, L side, Cross/step R, Basic L, ¼ turn R, L fwd, Pivot ½ turn R
1-2&Make a further 1/8 turn right stepping left to left side 6.00, Rock/step right behind left, Cross/step left over right slightly
3-4&Step right to right side turning ¼ turn left 3.00, Step left to left side, Cross/step right over left
5-6&Step left to left side, Rock/step right behind left, Cross/step left over right slightly 3.00
7-8&Step right to right side turning ¼ turn right 6.00, Step left forward, Pivot ½ turn right taking weight onto right 12.00

[17-24] L fwd sweep R, Weave left sweep L, Weave R, R diagonal, Rock/step L behind R turning to 10.30, Triple back sweep L
1-2&Step left forward sweeping right foot forward, Cross/step right over left, Step left to left side 12.00
3-4&Step right behind left sweeping left foot back, Step left behind right, Step right to right side 12.00
5&6Cross/step left over right, Step right forward to right diagonal 1.30, Rock/step left slightly behind right turning body left to 10.30 raising right heel up (hold count 6 out for as long as possible)
7&8Recover/step weight down onto right turning body back to 1.30, Step left back 1.30, Step right back sweeping left foot back 1.30

[25-32&] 3/8 sailor step turn R, Cross/rock R, Recover, Rock R side, Recover, R back sweep L, L sailor step, R shuffle fwd
1&2Step left foot behind right, Step right to right side turning ¼ turn right 4.30, Step left to left side turning 1/8 turn right 6.00
3&4&Cross/rock right over left, Recover weight onto left, Rock/step right to right side, Recover weight onto left 6.00
**RESTART HERE ON WALLS 6 (facing front wall) & 9 (facing back wall)**
5-6&Step right foot back and slightly behind left sweeping left back, Step left behind right, Step right slightly to right 6.00
7-8&Step left forward dragging right towards left, Step right slightly forward, Step left beside right 6.00


Tag: End of wall 3 facing back wall.
1-2&Step right to right side, Rock/step left behind right, Cross/step right slightly over left
3-4&Step left to left side, Step right slightly behind left, Step left slightly to left side

Step Substitute: At the end of wall 8 the music slows right down to Celine Dion singing, substitute count 7-8& for 3 slow walks forward L,R,L then Restart when beats kicks back in. You will be facing the front wall.



Stokies May 17, 2015
Thought I would do a back to back teach of two dances Classic/New by the Fabulously Talented Simon Ward. Cherry on the cake would be Celine Dion tracks for both dances Wow Wow Wow who doesn't remember the impact Titanic had on the dance floor, it still gives me a buzz. Love a dance that portrays the mood of a song like Titanic does. It stirred every dancers imagination with great step patterns.
And then Simon gives us Voices that Care a play on emotions track with this lovelly NC2S .Yep I'm up for this, think the dancers will love it.
Classic/New ...Fast/Slow.... Simon Ward/Celine Dion How can we Miss with these combinations

Victoria and the Gang

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