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Voodoo Jive
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Intermediate - Jive
Adrian Churm (Jan 2013)
Voodoo Voodoo by Mike Sanchez and his band (feat Imelda May)
Sec 1: Kick across, kick side, coaster step x2
1 – 2Kick right foot across left, kick right foot to side (keep kicks low).
3&4Step right foot back, close left foot to right, step right foot forward.
5 – 6Kick left foot across right, kick left foot to side (keep kicks low).
7&8Step left foot back, close right foot to left, step left foot forward. (12 o’clock)

Sec 2: Rock forward, recover, ½ turn right into shuffle forward, pivot ½ turn right, shuffle forward.
1 – 2Rock right foot forward, recover back onto left foot (preparing to turn right)
3&4½ turn right into shuffle forward R,L,R.
5 – 6Step left foot forward, make a ½ turn right (weight ends on right)
7&8Shuffle forward L,R,L. (12 o’clock)

Sec 3: Point right foot forward, hold, close, point left foot forward, hold, point switches, step forward tap.
1 – 2Point right foot forward, hold.
&3 – 4Close right foot next to left, point left foot forward, hold .
&5&6Close left foot next to right, point right foot forward, close right next to left, point left foot forward.
&7 – 8Close left foot next to right, step right foot forward, tap left foot next to right. (12 o’clock)

Sec 4: Chasse left, rock back, chasse right starting to turn left, complete ¼ turn left chasse left.
1&2Chasse to left side L,R,L
3 – 4Rock right foot back, recover forward onto left foot.
5&6Chasse to right side R,L,R starting to turn ¼ left.
7&8Complete ¼ turn to left Chasse to left side L,R,L. (9 o’clock)

Sec 5: Step across tap behind, small step back, heel ball cross, side rock, behind, side, in front.
1 – 2Step right foot across left, tap left foot behind right.
&3&4Small step back onto left, tap right heel forward, step back onto ball of right foot, step left foot across right.
5 – 6Rock right foot to the right side, recover onto left foot.
7&8Step right foot behind left, step left foot to the side, step right foot across left. (9 o’clock)

Sec 6: Side Rock recover, ¼ turn left into coaster step, Pivot ½ turn left, shuffle forward.
1 – 2Rock left to the left side, recover onto right (preparing to turn ¼ left).
3&4¼ turn left stepping left foot back, close right foot to left, step left foot forward.
5 – 6Step right foot forward, Make a ½ turn left (weight ends on left)
7 & 8Shuffle forward R,L,R (12 o’clock).

Sec 7: Rock forward, recover Jazz Jump out, hold sailor steps x2
1 – 2Rock forward onto left foot, recover back onto right
&3 – 4Jump slightly back as you step left foot out to the left side (small step), Step right foot to the right side, hold
5&6Cross left foot behind right. Step right foot to right side. Step left foot in place.
7&8Cross right foot behind left. Step left foot to the left side. Step right foot in place. (12)

Sec 8: Cross behind, unwind ½ to left, kick & heel & touch & heel, step, close
1 – 2Cross on ball of left foot back and behind right, unwind ½ turn to left (weight ends on left).
3&4Kick right foot forward, step right foot back, touch left heel forward,
&5Recover forward onto left foot (slight turn right), touch right toe behind left.
&6step right foot back (slight turn to left), touch left heel forward
&7 – 8Close left foot towards right, step right foot forward. Close left next to right. (6 o’clock) .

Contact: email danceade@hotmail.co.uk

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