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VW Van

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Easy Intermediate
Paul McQueen (AUS) - November 2018
VW Van - Jake Owen : (Album: American Love)
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Original Position: Feet Together Weight On Left Foot

Steps: This Dance Is Done In Four Directions.
The Introduction Is 32 Beat, Starting The Dance On The First Word “A”

Right Side Drag, Right Shuffle Forward, Step Lock Step
1, 2,Big Step R To Right Side And Drag L Towards Right. (Take Weight On Left).
3 & 4Step Forward R-L-R,
5, 6, 7, 8Step L Forward, Lock R Behind Right, Step L Forward, Scuff R (12.00)
Jazz Box Scuff, Jazz Box With ¼ Turn L
1, 2Cross Right Over Left, Step Left Back,
3, 4Step Right To Right Side, Scuff Left Across Right
5, 6Cross Left Over Right, Step Back With Right
7, 8Turn ¼ Turn To The Left With Left, Touch Right Next To Left (9.00)
Across Rock, Side Shuffle Forward ¼ Turn, ½ Turn Pivot, ¼ Side Shuffle
1, 2,Cross R Over In Front Of Left, Recover Onto Left,
3 & 4Side Shuffle Turning ¼ Right Stepping R-L-R,
5, 6,Pivot: Step Forward On L, Turn ½ Right Take Weight On R,
7 & 8Turn ¼ Left Side Shuffle To The Left Stepping L-R-L (9.00)
Rock Replace, Kick Ball Change, Then Rolling Vine R, Weight On L (Easier Alternative Vine To R)
1, 2,Rock R Back, Replace Weight Onto L,
3 & 4Kick Right Foot Forward, Step R Together, Step L Forward
5, 6, 7, 8Travel Right Turning 360o Right Rolling Vine: ¼ Step R, ½ Step L, ¼ Step R, Return Weight To The L (9.00)
[32] Repeat The Dance In The New Direction
This Dance Was Designed For The Dancers In My Classes Wanting More Complex Turning Practice.
Music Is Moderate Speed. Have Fun And Remember To Listen And Count To The Music.
Paul Mcqueen - Mobile: 0438639150
Email: Paulwilliammcqueen@Gmail.Com



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