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Advanced NC2S
Rex Chuan (USA) - May 2019
"Waiting" by Han Lei
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Start: After 20 counts of introduction, with vocal.

S1: Rock, Recover, Turn and Side, Sway, Sway, Pivot Turn, Walk, Hitch, Back, Turn and Back
1&2&34LF cross RF(1), RF rock R(&), hold 2, recover(&), L half turn and RF R(3), Sway L(4)
5&6&7&8&R quarter turn weight shift to RF(5), LF forward while swivel R half turn on LF(&), hold 6, RF forward(&), LF forward(7), RF hitch(&), RF back(8), R quarter turn and RF back(&) (6:00)

S2: Weave, Weave With Turn, Rock, Recover, Weave With Turn, Walk
1&2&RF R(1), LF cross RF(&), RF rock R(2), R hand wave R(&)
3&4&Recover(3), RF cross LF(&), R quarter turn and LF back(4), R quarter turn and RF R(&)
567&8&LF cross rock(5), recover(6), LF L(7), RF cross behind LF(&), L quarter turn and LF forward(8), RF forward(&) (9:00)

S3: Pivot Turn, Tap, Monterey Turn, Rock with Kick, Two Step Turn, Forward, Lock, Back, Sailor Step
1&2&3&L half turn and LF forward(1), RF tap R(&), hold 2, RF together(&), R half turn and LF step in place(3), RF kick diagonally(&)
4&RF together and L ¾ turn(4), LF forward(&)
5&RF forward(5), LF lock in(&)
6&78&Hold 6, LF back(&), RF back(7) and LF sweep back, LF cross behind RF(8), RF R(&) (12:00)

S4: Jazz Box With Turn, Hitch Turn and Forward, Walk, Walk, Side, Sway
1&2LF cross RF(1), RF R(&), L quarter turn and LF forward(2)
34RF forward(3) and hitch LF and R quarter turn, LF forward(4)
5678RF forward(5), LF forward(6), RF R(7) while both arms point left palms together, weight shift L(8) and R arm sweep to R with L hand brush along R arm

S5(only 4 counts): Sway With Big Circle
1234&R arm draw a big circle from down(1), L(2), up(3), R(4), L quarter turn and weight shift on LF(&)

S6: Jump Turn and Sailor Step, Cross and Sweep, Twinkle Turn, Roek Recover, Kick, Ball Step and Lock
12&3L half turn and RF back(1) and LF sweep back, LF cross behind RF(2), RF R(&), LF cross RF
4&aRF cross LF(4), R half turn and LF slightly back(&), R ⅜ turn and RF forward(a) (1:30)
5678&aLF forward(5), hold 6, half R turn and weight on RF(7), LF kick(8), LF forward(&), RF lock in(&) (7:30)

S7: Spiral, Sailor Step, Weave, Rock, Recover With Sailor Step
123LF forward(1), R ⅞ turn swivel on LF(2) and RF sweep back, keep sweeping on 3
&4&RF cross behind LF(&), LF L(4), RF cross LF(&)
5678&LF rock (5), hold 6, LF sweep back(7), LF cross behind RF(8), RF R(&) (6:00)

S8: Forward, Sway Back, Hitch, Three Step Turn, Pivot Turn, Side, Cross,Scissor Step
123LF forward(1), sway back with body half turn R(2), weight back on LF and RF hitch(3)
4&aL quarter turn and RF slightly R(4), L half turn and LF slightly L(&), L quarter turn and RF forward(a)
567L half turn and LF forward(5), RF R(6), LF cross LF(7)
8&aHold 8, RF R(&), LF together(a) (12:00)

S9: Cross, Side, Together, Side, Tap, Together, Tap, Spiral Turn, Pivot Turn
1&2&RF cross LF(1), LF L(&), hold 2, RF together(&)
3&4&LF L(3), L quarter turn and RF tap R(&), RF together(4), LF tap L(&)
5678L ¾ turn on RF(5), LF forward(6), RF forward(7), L half turn and LF forward(8) (6:00)

S10: Forward, Unwind, Unwind, Sailor Step
(this section is about ½ count short, need to take cue from music)
1234RF forward with slight stomp(1), hold 2, unwind L(3), continue until half turn (4)
5678&R unwind half turn(5,6), RF sweep back(7), continue on 8, RF cross behind LF(&) (6:00)

S11: Full Diamond
12&34&L quarter turn and LF forward(1) and RF sweep forward, RF cross LF(2), R quarter turn and LF back(&), RF back(3) and LF sweep back, LF cross behind RF(4), R quarter turn and RF forward(&)
56&78&LF forward(5) and RF sweep forward, RF cross LF(6), R quarter turn and LF back(&), RF back(7) and LF sweep back, LF cross behind RF(8), R quarter turn and RF forward(&) (3:00)

S12: Cross, Tap, Cross, Tap, Walk, Hitch, BacK
1234LF forward(1), RF tap R(2), RF forward(3), LF tap L(4)
5678LF forward(5), RF (6), hold 7, RF back(8) (3:00)

1234LF cross behind RF(1), L unwind half turn(2), RF R(3), hold 4 (9:00)

Enjoy the dance!


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