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Waiting On The Stars

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Chris Watson (AUS) - April 2018
Fall in Love If You Want To - Gord Bamford : (Album: Tin Roof)
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Back sweep, behind, cross R, , ¼ , ½ pivot, 1/4 , sway X 3
1,2&,3&4Step back onto R and sweep L from front to back , Step L behind R , step R to R side , cross rock L over R & replace onto R , ¼ Turn L stepping forward onto L
5&6,7&8Step forward to R , pivot ½ turn L taking weight onto L , ¼ Turn L stepping R to R side, Sway hips L,R,L (12 O’Clock)

Sailor step, behind , ¼ , ½ , ½ (moving forward) , ¼ turn pivot, cross, ¼, ¼ , 1/8 turn
1&2,3&4&Step R behind L , step L to L side , step R to R side, step L behind R, ¼ turn R stepping forward onto R, ½ Turn R step back onto L , ½ turn R stepping forward onto R (3 O’Clock)
5&6,7&8Step L foot forward, pivot ¼ turn R (6 O’clock) , take weight onto R, cross L over R, ¼ turn L stepping back onto R, /4 Turn L stepping L to L side , 1/8 turn L stepping forward onto R (11 O’Clock)

& Rock replace, & step back, back hook, 1/8 turn , serpentine
&1,2&3,4Step L together and rock forward onto R , replace weight onto L, step R together , Step back onto L, Step Back onto R and hook L foot over R shin.
5,6&7,8&Step forward L as you sweep R into 1/8 turn left squaring up to 3.00 (1), cross R over L (2), step L to left side Step R behind L and sweep L behind R & step R to R side

Step forward, rock replace , ½ turn, pivot ½ turn, step forward L, 1 ½ turn over L stepping back L R,L, walk forward R, step L together
1,2&3,4&Step L foot forward, rock forward onto R, replace weight onto L , ½ turn over R shoulder stepping forward onto R, Step forward onto L ½ pivot over R taking weight onto R.
5,6,&&8&Step forward onto L dragging R towards L , step back on R , ½ turn L stepping forward onto L , ½ Turn L stepping back onto R, 1/2 Turn L stepping forward onto L, Walk forward R, Step L together with R

[32] Counts Restart Dance New direction

TAG: at the end of wall 4 facing 12 O’Clock add on the following 4 counts
1,2&3,4&Rock back onto R , Forward onto L, Step R together with L , rock forward onto L , back onto R & step L together with R

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Wiggles April 30, 2018
Sorry I didnt learn this, it looks lovely..Anne

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