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Walker AA

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Deanna Nemes (USA) - December 2021
AA - Walker Hayes
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Dance begins at 16 counts with lyrics

[1-8] Half circle walk, touch, 3 heel switches, clap x2
1,2Walk RT, LT making half turn over Rt shoulder
3,4RT, touch left (now facing 6:00) *ham it up and prance around the stripper pole
&5&6step side RT (&), show left heel (5), replace weight on LT (&), show RT heel (6)
&7&8Replace weight on RT (&), show LT heel (7), clap 2x (&8)
*music/dance ends here on 2 claps

[9-16] 2 Sailor Steps, 2 mambo Steps
1&2Place weight on LT while Crossing  RT behind LT, replace weight on LT, step side RT
3&4Cross LT behind RT, replace weight on RT, step side LT
5&6Rock forward RT, Replace weight on LT, place RT next to LT
7&8Rock back LT, Replace weight on RT, place LT next to RT

[17-24] Step behind ¼ shuffle, step behind ¼ shuffle
1,2Step forward RT, cross LT behind (angle body to 3:00)
3&4¼ shuffle RT-LT-RT (facing 6:00)
5,6Step forward LT, cross RT behind (angle body to 9:00)
7&8¼ shuffle LT-RT-LT (face body to 6:00)

[25-32] Step ½ pivot shuffle x2
1,2Step RT, half pivot over left shoulder
3&4Shuffle forward RT-LT-RT (facing 12:00)
5,6Step LT, half pivot over right shoulder
7,8Shuffle forward LT-RT-LT (facing 6:00) *option replace shuffle with spin over RT shoulder

Life Happens. Just. Keep. Dancing.

Last Update - 11 Mar 2022 r2


Liz11766 December 30, 2021
Excellent fun dance!!

Herman Baso December 31, 2021

SherryT January 2, 2022
I love this dance! It’s easy to learn and fun to do.

Silvi Laurent January 3, 2022
Vote #7
Love it 💞

Brenda Holcomb January 3, 2022
Nice dance! voted 5 star

KellyD1625 February 25, 2022
such a fun dance!!!

King Shaun May 23, 2022
High vote. I am trying to spread the word! This needs to climb to #1 now!

King Shaun May 23, 2022
Step 4 I teach to step left, & before 9 I teach is the step weight on left.
Also I emphasize to shuffle angle not double lock on 19 and 23. It feels great!

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