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Waltzing My Way to You!

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Intermediate waltz
Sandy Kerrigan (Sydney - Australia) March 2014
This Time by Shirley Bassey / The Performance / iTunes
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Dance Starts on: ..No more “crying” for help…on count 12..Version 1:00 – [BPM: 114] Track Length 4:05

Back Lock, Step Side, Cross, ¼ Back 3:00
1 2 3Faces Front R45°-Step Back R, Lock L over R, Step Back on R
4 5 6Step L to L Side 12:00, Cross R over L, ¼ R-Step Back L 3:00

¼ Step Side, Drag L, ¼ Fwd, ¼ Step Side, Diagonal Step Back L45°
1 2 3Turn ¼ R-Wide Step R to R, Drag L to R with both knees bent for 2 cnts (compression)
(easy option counts 2 3-Drag L to Meet R)
4 5 6Turn ¼ L-Step Fwd L, ¼ L Step R to R, Long Step Back on L to face front L45°

Draw R to L, Step Fwd R, Sweeping L Fwd 12:00
1 2 3Draw R to Meet L (straight leg action-starts from the hip) wt on L
4 5 6Step Fwd R, Sweeping L-Turning R to 12:00

Left Cross Twinkle, Cross, ¼ R, ½ R Step Fwd 9:00
1 2 3Cross L over R, Rock R to R Side, Replace to L
4 5 6Cross R over L, Turn ¼ R-Step Back on L, ½ R Step Fwd R 9:00

Step Turn ½ R, Shoulder Twist, Full Turn L on Ball of R, Step Fwd L, ¼ L to R Side 12:00
1 2 3Step Fwd L, ½ Turn R on L, Twist Shoulders to R Side (both legs slightly bent)
4 5 6Press Ball of R Fwd, Spin 360° L on R-Step Fwd on L, ¼ L Step R to R Side 12:00

L Back Rock Step, Step Side, R Back Rock Step, Step Side 12:00
1 2 3Rock Back L, Replace Fwd to R, Step L to L Side
4 5 6Rock Back R, Replace Fwd to L, Step R to R Side

Diagonal Back Lock, Diagonal Back Lock L45°
1 2 3Facing L45° Step Back L, Lock R over L, Step Back L
4 5 6Step Back R, Lock L over R, Step Back R

Toe Behind, Unwind ½ L, Sweep L, Step Behind, Diagonal Fwd, Step Fwd R45°
1 2 3Place L Toe Behind R, Unwind ½ Turn L-wt On R, Sweep L Back
4 5 6Cross L Behind R, Turn ¼ Step R Fwd to Face Back R45°, Step Fwd on L

Tags: There are 2 tags… end of Wall 2 and Wall 4-Both times facing Front R 45°
Fwd R Coaster Step, Back Lock Step
1 2 3Step Fwd R, Step L next to R, Step Back on R
4 5 6Step Back L, Lock R over L, Step Back L

Note: The first wall may feel a little uncomfortable to settle into the rhythm!
Once you get into the dance you will be waltzing…Over The Rainbow...

Contact: - - 0412 723 326

( 18:18:49)


Ra March 17, 2014
Beautiful Waltz, great music. This one is here to stay.

Dewi March 18, 2014
I looove your new dance "Waltzing My Way to You" dear Sandy.....I'll run and catch it before it slips away through my fingers......THIS TIME !! (And The RAINBOW is just an arm away) (:

Amor March 20, 2014
Wow love Dewi's comments, says it all, and I'm loving ing it too. Thanks Sandy

jackster March 24, 2014
Not keen at first, but when you get it, it's such a beautiful dance, especially the shoulder twist, soo graceful. Great choreography Sandy. :)

Mulvogue July 2, 2014
The has just become my favorite waltz,its just beautiful.Thanks Sandy

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