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Wandering Soul

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Improver / Easy Intermediate - waltz
Gail Wilson (SCO) - October 2012
God's Plan - Derek Ryan : (Album: A Mother's Son)
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S1: ½ Sweep ¾ Sweep
1Step forward on left
2Sweep right foot making a ½ turn Left
4Step forward on right
5Sweep left foot-making ¾ turn right

S2: Forward ½ left
1Step forward on left foot
2Step right next to left
3Step back on left foot
4Step back on right
5½ turns left stepping forward on left
6Step right-to-right side

S3: Serpentines x2 travelling back,
Slightly angling body to left
1Cross step left foot behind right
2Rock right-to-right side
3Rock left-to-left side
Slightly angling body to right
4Cross step right foot behind left
5Rock left-to-left side
6Rock right- to-right side

S4: ¼ turn left ½ right
1¼ turn left rock back on to left foot
2Rock forward onto right foot
3Making ½ turn right step back onto left foot
4Step back on right foot
5Step left next to right foot
6Step right forward

TAG 1: 3 counts - wall 1 and wall 3
(Cross) left foot over right unwind full turn right for 3 counts)
ALTERNATIVELY (rock left to left side recover onto right slide left foot next to right

S5 + S6: Fig 8
1Cross left over right
2Right to right side
3Roses left behind right
4¼ turn right stepping on right
5Step forward on left
6¾ turn right stepping right over left

1Step left-to-left side
2Cross step right behind left
3¼ turns left stepping forward on left
4Step right forward
5¾ turn left
6Step right-to-right side

S7: Cross rock step x2
1Cross rock left over right
2Recover back onto right
3Step left-to-left side
4Cross rock right over left
5Recover back onto left
6Step right-to-right side

S8: Left forward ½ turn
1Step forward left
2Step right next to left
3Steps left in place next to right
4Step forward right making ½ turn
5Step left in place
6Step right slightly back

TAG 2: 12 counts - At end of walls (2) (4) and (5)
1-3Basic waltz step forward to left corner
4-6Basic waltz step Back to right corner

1-3Basic waltz step forward to right corner
4-6Basic waltz step Back to left corner


laura18arm November 16, 2012
This is a great wee dance :-D

katycoo November 21, 2012
This dance really fits the music so well .

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