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Wasn't Expecting That

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Richard Palmer (UK) & Lorna Dennis (UK) - October 2015
Wasn't Expecting That - Jamie Lawson : (iTunes)
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Intro: 16 counts

[1 - 8] Rumba Box forward, Rumba Box Back, R Sailor, L Sailor Half Turn
1 & 2Step right to right side, Close left beside right, Step right forward
3 & 4Step left to left side, Close right beside left, Step left back
5 & 6Cross right behind left. Step left to left side. Step right to place
7 & 8Cross left behind right. Make a half turn left, stepping right to right side, step left to place

[9 – 16] R Cross Rock, ¼ Turn, ½ Turn, Step Back R, L Heel, R Heel
1 – 2Cross rock right over left, recover on left
3 - 4Step ¼ turn right on right foot, step ½ turn back on left
5 -6Step back on right, Rock back on left
&7&8Left heel forward, step left in place, right heel forward

[17 - 24] Walk L, R, Mambo L Forward, Back Lock R, L Sailor Half Turn
&1 – 2Walk forward left and right
3 & 4Rock forward on left, recover on right, step left together
5 & 6Step back on right, cross left across right, step back on right.
7 & 8Cross left behind right. Make a half turn left, stepping right to right side, step left to place

[25 - 32] Walk R & L , Mambo R Forward, Back Lock L, ¾ Turning Walk Around
1- 2Walk forward right and left
3 & 4Rock forward on right, recover on left, step right together
5 & 6Step back on left, cross right across left, step back on left.
7 – 8Turning ¾ over right shoulder walk right, left

TAG - At the end of Wall 3 and 5
R Side Rock, Cross, L Side Rock, Cross
1 & 2Rock right to right side, recover on left, cross right over left
3 & 4Rock left to left side, recover on right, cross left over right

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jenny39 October 15, 2015
Good dance to a sad track I just couldn't go there with this track in my clubs as too many people have experienced too much grief and this would be too much for a lot of my dancers

Kickball October 15, 2015
Thanks Jenny39, appreciate the feedback

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