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Wasted Time
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Intermediate Polka
Betty Alart – April 2016
Wasted Time - Keith Urban (BPM 133)
Section 1 : Chasse *4, full turn, 1/2 turn sweeping, sailor step
1RF 1/8 Turn R step forward (1.30)
&LF Step together
2RF Step forward
&LF Step together
3RF Step forward
&LF Step together
4RF Step forward
&RF Together, turn R
5RF Step forwards
&LF Together, 1/2 turn R
6RF Sweep from front to back
7RF Cross behind LF
&LF Step L
8RF Step R

Section 2 : Cross, 1/4 turn L, Hitch backwards *3, slide, 1/8 L Heel & touch back
1LF Cross in front of RF
2RF 1/4 turn L, step backwards (03:00)
&LF Hitch
3LF Step backwards
&RF Hitch
4RF Step backwards
&LF Hitch 1/4 turn L (12:00)
5 6LF Slide L
7RF 1/8 turn left, heel forwards (10:30)
&RF Together
8LF Touch back
Section 3 : Touch L & R, Bend knees, come up, Step L 1/2 turn R, shuffle L
1LF Touch L
&LF Together
2RF Touch R
&RF Together
3BF Bend knees
4BF Come up
5LF step forwards
6RF 1/2 turn R, step forwards (04:30)
7LF step forwards
&LF Together
8RF step forwards

Section 4 : Cross,step, sailor heel, full chaine turn L *2
1RF Cross in front of LF
2LF 1/8 turn R Step L(06:00)
3RF Cross behind LF
&LF Step L
4RF Heel L
&RF Together, 1/8 turn R
5LF Step forwards, 1/4 turn L
6LF 1/4 turn L, lift knee
7RF 5/8 turn L together (09:00)
&8LF Step forward, 1,5 full turn L (06:00)

TAG : 32 counts at wall 9
Section 1 : Heel RF ball step touch behind, step backwards, Heel LF together, apple jack, 1/2 turn apple jack, apple jack *2
1RF Heel forwards (06:00)
&RF together
2LF heel forwards
&RF Touch behind LF
3RF step back
&LF Heel forwards
4LF Together
&5RF Apple jack with heel D
&6RF 1/2 turn L with Apple jack with heel G(12:00)
&7RF Apple jack with heel D
&8LF Apple jack with heel D

Section 2 : Hitch slide back, stomp *2, heel *2, hitch back, heel *2, stomp *2
1RF Hitch R
2RF Slide back
3LF Stomp LF
4RF Stomp RF
5LF Cross heel in front of RF
&LF Heel side RF
6LF Hitch back, tap hand R with heel L
&LF Heel side RF
7LF Cross heel in front of RF
&LF Stomp LF
8RF Stomp RF
Section 3 : 1/8 turn step + 1/4 turn together *2, 1/8 turn + 3/8 turn together, Vaudeville *2
1RF 1/8 turn L, step R (10:30)
&LF 1/4 turn R, Together (01:30)
21/8 turn R, step L (03:00)
&LF 1/4 turn R, Together (06:00)
3RF 1/8 turn R, step R (07:30)
4LF 3/8 turn R, Together (12:00)
5RF Cross in front of LF
&LF Step L
6RF Heel R
&RF Side of LF
7LF Cross in front of RF
&RF Step R
8LF Heel L

Section 4 : Kick ball rock step *2, 1/2 turn with swivel
&LF Together
1RF Kick forwards
&RF Step forwards
2&LF step L, recover
3LF Kick forwards
&LF Step forwards
4&RF Step R, recover
5RF Together
&LF 1/8 turn R step forwards
6BF 1/8 turn R swivel
7BF 1/8 turn R swivel
8LF 1/8 turn R swivel (06:00)

Contact : rocknat@wanadoo.fr

Last Update - 10th April 2016
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