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Watch Me Do

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Easy Intermediate
Rick Dominguez (USA) - October 2016
Watch Me Do - Meghan Trainor
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[1-8] Kick Ball Step, Hip Bump X2, Kick Ball Step w Shoulder Bumps, ¼ R Kick
1&2Kick RF forward, recover on right ball, step L to left side
3,4Bump hips to left side twice.
5&6&7Kick LF forward, recover on left ball, step R to right side, (bump shoulders to the left, right, on &7)
8Kick RF as you turn ¼ to right. (3 o’clock)

[9-16] Coaster Step, Rolling Rock Recover, Sailor ½ Turn, & Lock Step,
1&2Step back on R, Step L in place, Step RF forward.
3,4Step forward left, Recover right. (Body roll for styling)
5&6&7Swing LF around ½ turn to the left and behind right on 5, recover weight on R on “&”, tap L heal forward on 6, tap L toe on “&”, lock right foot behind L on 7.
8Step L forward on 8.

[17-24] Scoot Step, Pivot Turn, 2 Skates, R Sailor Step
1,2Scoot forward or hop into a R lock step (weight should be on Right foot), Step forward on L
3,4Step R forward, pivot ½ turn left. (3 o’clock)
5&6&Skate R to right side, touching L next to right, skate L to left side, touching R next to left
7&8Step right behind left, recover left, step right to right side

[25-32] L Dorothy, R Dorothy, R Vine, Hop 2x Half Turn (Unwind)
1&2Step L behind R, step R forward, step L forward.
3&4Step R behind L, step L forward, step R forward.
5&6Step L behind right, R to right side, cross L over R.
7,8Unwind ½ turn to the right, hop ½ turn to the right (full spin)

TAG: 8 Count Tag ( Top of Wall 8)
R Kick Ball Touch, L Kick Ball Touch, Step side touches X4
1&2Kick R forward, take weight on R, touch L to left side
3&4Kick L forward, take weight on L, touch R to right side
&5&6&7&8Step R next to L, touch L to left side, step L next to R, touch R to right side, Step R next to L, touch L to left side, step L next to R, touch R to right side
(If you want to style it up, do a 4 count Apple Jack here, simply twist heels/toes to the right and left) X4

Have a great time!


shesacowgirl October 29, 2016
Love this dance Rick!!

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