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Water Off A Ducks Back
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Improver / Intermediate
Hazel Pace – Sept 2016
A Little Bit Of You by Sonny Burgess. (iTunes)
Intro: 32 Counts (On Vocals).

[1 – 8] Right Side Together Forward Hitch, Left Side Cross Side Hitch, Run Back on Right, Left, Right, Flick Left, Coaster Step.
1&2&Right to right side, left beside right, step forward on right, hitch left knee.
3&4&Left to left side, cross right over left, left to left side, hitch right knee. (Moving to left side).
5&6&Run back on right, left, right, flick left foot forward.
7 & 8Back on left, right beside left, forward on left.

[9 – 16] Right Shuffle, Step 1/4 Right Cross, Weave Right, Side Rock Recover Facing Right Diagonal, Rock Back, Recover.
1 & 2Step forward on right, left beside right, forward on right.
3 & 4Step forward on left, 1/4 turn right, cross left over right. (3.00).
&5&6Right to right side, left behind right, right to right side, cross left over right.
7&8&Rock right to right side, recover on left facing right diagonal, rock back on right, squaring up to 3.00 as you recover.

[17 – 24] Side Rock Recover, Crossing Shuffle, Hitch Step Hitch Crossing Shuffle, Side Rock Recover Making 1/4 Right, Step.
(Counts 1 – 6 of this section faces left diagonal)
1&Rock right to right side, recover on left. (3.00).
2 & 3Cross right over left, left to left side, cross right over left.
&4&Hitch left knee, step left in place, hitch right knee. (Lift body as you hitch, skip on opposite foot optional).
5 & 6Cross right over left, left to left side, cross right over left.
7 & 8Rock left to left side, (squaring up to 3.00), recover on right making 1/4 turn right, step forward on left. (6.00).

[25 – 32] Right Side Rock Recover Forward, Left Side Rock Recover Forward, Right Mambo 1/2 Turn Right,
(Counts 1 – 4 Moving Forward) Triple 1/2 Turn Right on the Spot, on Left, Right, Left.
1 & 2Rock right to right side, recover on left, step forward on right.
3 & 4Rock left to left side, recover on right, step forward on left.
5 & 6Rock forward on right, recover on left, make 1/2 turn right stepping forward on right. (12.00).
7 & 8Triple step on the spot making 1/2 turn right on left, right, left. (6.00).

Restart: 3rd Sequence (FRONT), Dance Counts 1 – 8 Start Again.

Can be changed to a partner dance. Sweetheart Hold, Facing LOD. No Restart.
First Section. Counts 3&4& - Left Side Together Back, Hitch Right.
Last Section. Counts 7 & 8 - Left Shuffle Forward.

Contact ~ Email: hazel.pace@sky.com - 01538 360886

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