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Easy Intermediate
Sandy Kerrigan (AUS) - May 2021
Crying Time - Lorrie Morgan : (RCA Country Legends - iTunes)
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Dance Info: Dance starts feet together-wt on L - Dance Starts 15 Seconds in...Lyrics: Crying Time Again.
Version 1:00 - BPM [172.] Track Length 3:08

One Restart-Wall 4 - Count 16&

Fwd Rock Step, ¼ Step Side, Weave to R Side, ¼ Swivel, Cross Walks, Pivot ¼, Cross 9:00
1 2 &Rock Fwd on R, Replace Back to L, Turning ¼ R-Step R to R 3:00
3 & 4 &Cross L over R, Step R to R Side, Step L Behind R, Step R to R Side
5Turning ¼ L-Cross L over R (swivel ¼ L) 12:00
6 7Cross Walk R over L, Cross Walk L over R
8 & 1Step Fwd R, ¼ Pivot Turn L-wt on L, Cross R over L

Step Side, Back Sweep, Left Sailor Step, Behind, ¼ Fwd with Hitch, ¼ Turning Side Rock Step, Step Side with Drag, Behind, Side, Cross 3:00
& 2Step L to L Side, Step Back on R-Sweeping L Back
3 & 4 &Cross L Behind R, Rock R to R Side, Rock L to L Side (sailor), Step R Behind L
5 6 7¼ Turn L-Step Fwd L-Hitching R 6:00, ¼ L-Rock R to R Side, Step L to L with R Drag,
8 & 1Step R Behind L, Step L to L Side, Cross R over L
* R * Wall 4 - Dance to count 16-on the & count Turn ¼ L- Step Fwd L-Restart-6:00

Quick Side Rock Step, Step Back with Sweep, ¼ Right Sailor Step 6:00, Lock Step Fwd, ½ Left Twist Turn, Lock Shuffle 12:00
& 2 3Rock L to L Side, Rock R to R Side, Step Back L-Sweeping R
4 & 5Turning ¼ R-Step R behind L, Step L to L Side, Step Fwd R (Turning ¼ Sailor)
& 6 7Lock L Behind R, Step Fwd on R, Twist Turn ½ L-Pushing off R-onto Left-count 7
8 & 1Step Fwd R, Step L next to R, Step Fwd R 12:00

Step Fwd L, ½ Pivot Turn R, Step Fwd L, Step Fwd R, ½ Pivot Turn L, Step Fwd R, ½ Pivot Turn L,Step Fwd R, Step Fwd L (6:00)
2 & 3Step Fwd L, ½ Pivot Turn R-wt on R, Step Fwd L
4 5 6 & 7Step Fwd R, ½ Pivot Turn L-wt on L, Step Fwd R, ½ Pivot Turn L-wt on L, Step Fwd R
8Step Fwd L - 6:00

Note: (as above) RESTART: After count 16 & of wall 4, facing 6:00

Contact: 0412 723 326 -


jackster May 18, 2021
Beautiful choreography to a great song Sandy :) Love it.

Ra May 18, 2021
Loved learning this dance. Great steps and fantastic music combined for a first class dance experience. Thanks Sandy, you are a wonder woman.

catman May 18, 2021
Great choice of song.

catman May 19, 2021
Video in the works?

jordie May 20, 2021
Hey Catman,

There could be a video in the works, Hopefully sometime next week.
Dance sheet is easy to read.
Thank you for your comments.

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