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Easy Intermediate
Inge Vestergård, DK (April 2012)
If I Catch You by Michel Telo
Alternative: Ai Se Eu Te Pego by Michel Telo.

There is a 2 count intro, starting the dance on: WAUW

R - L samba traveling forward, Cross, Side, ¾ sailor
1&2Cross step R over L, rock L side, recover weight on R
3&4Cross step L over R, rock R side, recover weight on L
5-6Cross step R over L, step L to side
7&8Make ¼ R cross stepping R behind L, ½ turn L stepping L to side, step slightly forward on R (9.00)

Skate L- R, chasse L, Cross, Heel Jack, Ball, Cross, Step
1-2Skate L forward, Skate R forward
3&4Step L to L side, step R next to L, step L to L side
5-7Cross R over L, Step back on L, tap R heel forward on slight right diagonal
&8&Step R next to L, cross L over R, Step R to side

Cross Rock Side L – R, Cross, Side, ½ Sailor Turn L
1&2Cross L over R, recover R, step L to side
3&4Cross R over L, recover L, step R to side
5-6Cross L over R, step L to side
7&8Cross step L behind R, turn 1/4 L stepping R down in place, turn 1/4 L stepping slightly forward on L (3.00)

Tap, Heel, Step, Scuff, Hitch, Back Rock, Step, Hip Bump, Step
1&2&Tap R toe beside L, step down on R, tap L heel forward, step down on L
3&4Step forward on R, scuff L beside R, hitch L
5-6Rock back on L, recover on R
7&8Touch L slightly forward, hip bump L, step down on L
* Restart on wall 2 and wall 4 *

Side Rock Cross R – L, 2 x ¼ Turn L, Step Lock Step
1&2Side rock R, recover L, cross R in front of L
3&4Side rock L, recover R, cross L in front of L
5-6¼ turn L stepping back on R, ¼ turn L stepping L to side (9.00)
7&8Step forward on R, lock L behind R, step forward on R

Rock Step Forward, Side Rock, Back Rock, Side Step, Behind, ¼ turn L, Step Forward, Full Turn, Step
1&2&Rock L forward, recover R, side rock L, recover on R
3&4Rock L back, recover R, step L to side
5&6Cross R behind L, ¼ turn L stepping forward on L, step forward R (6.00) ** Ending on wall 6 **
7&8½ turn R stepping back on L, ½ turn R stepping forward on R, step forward L
(Option: 3 small run – L,R,L )

* There is a restart on wall 2 and wall 4 *

** There is an ending on the last wall facing 6 o´clock.
Instead of making the full turn, you make a step forward L (7), ½ turn R stepping forward on R (&), step forward L (8) step forward R (1)

Hope you will have fun dancing to this happy summer music.

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