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Wave Em Off

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Beginner level
Daniel Trepat (NL)
Wave Em Off - Will Smith
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Stomp, arms to left, clap, slap, ¼ turn, scuff step, touch, slide back, out-out. 
1 RF Stomp fwd, bent L.knee, weight on LF 
2 Both arms to the left 
3 Clap with L.hand on top of R.hand 
& Slap with R.hand the R.knee away 
4 RF Step ¼ turn right 
5 LF Scuff fwd. 
& LF Step forward 
6 RF Touch R.toe behind LF 
7 RF Slide backwards 
& LF Small step to left 
8 RF Small step to right 
Swivel right, swivel left, ¼ turn left, ¼ turn left, twice. 
1 RF Put weight on R.toe, heel to the right 
& RF Swivel heel back with weight 
2 LF Put weight on L.toe, heel to the left 
& LF Swivel heel back, with weight 
3 RF Make ¼ turn left and step back 
4 LF Make ¼ left and step to the left 
Counts 5 till 8 ? repeat count 1 till 4 
Slide hitch step, head movement, walk forward, walk backwards, ¼ turn left. 
1 RF Slide to LF 
& RF Lift R.knee and put down 
2 LF Step to the left side 
3 Turn your head to the left 
4 Turn your head back 
5 RF Step forward 
& LF Step forward 
6 RF Step forward, L.knee makes a circle from behind to front 
7 LF Step backwards 
& RF Step backwards 
8 LF ¼ turn left and step to the left 
Sailor step right, sailor step left, ¼pivot, out-out. 
1 RF Cross behind LF 
& LF Small step to the left 
2 RF Small step to the right 
3 LF Cross behind RF 
& RF Small step to the right 
4 LF Small step to the left 
5 RF Step forward 
6 LF ¼ turn left, weight on LF 
7 RF Bending L.knee while putting RF behind L.knee 
& RF Small step to the right 
8 LF Small step tot the left. 
Start over again.


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