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Way Too Soon

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Tina Argyle (UK) - July 2019
Drowning - Chris Young : (iTunes)
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Count In : 16 counts from start of track - start on the word ‘GOT’ approx 16 seconds into track

Basic NC Step, Side, behind, ¼ Turn Brush. Cross Back, Back. Cross Back
1Take a long step right to right side
2&Rock left behind right, recover.
3Take a long step left to left side
4&Cross right behind left, make ¼ turn left stepping forward left (9 o’clock)
5Brush right at side of left then sweep right anti clock wise ready to cross on count 6
6&Cross right over left, step back left
7Step back right sweeping left clockwise at the same time
8&Cross left over right, step back right

Step Back. Rock Back ½ Turn. Rock Back ¼ Turn Hip Sways. Basic NC Step
1Step back left
2&Rock back right recover
3Make ½ turn left stepping back right (3 o’clock)
4&Rock back left recover
5-6Make ¼ turn right stepping left to left side sway hip to left side at the same time, sway hips to right (6 o’clock)
7Take a long step left to left side
8&Rock back right recover weight onto left
*** Re-start here during wall 3 facing 12 o’clock ***

Diagonal Walk x2. Step ½ Turn Step. Diagonal Walk x2 Step 1/8th Turn Cross
1-2Make 1/8th turn right to face right corner of 6 o’clock wall stepping forward right then left
3&4Step forward right, make ½ tun left stepping forward right to face opposite corner
5-6Step forward left then right towards right corner of 12 o’clock
7&8Step fwd left Make 1/8th turn right onto right to face 3 o’clock, cross left over right

Basic NC2 x2. Monterey ½ Turn Sweep, Cross, Side Rock Recover
1Take a long step right to right side
2&Rock left behind right, recover.
3Take a long step left to left side
4&Rock right behind left, recover.
*** Re-start here during wall 5 facing 12 o’clock ***
5Point right toe to right side
6-7Make ½ turn right stepping right at side of left, sweeping left clockwise at the same time, cross left over right
8&Rock right to right side, recover weight onto left

Tag * At the end of wall 2 facing 6 o’clock add the following 8 count tag then re start the dance from the beginning
1,2&Take a long step right to right side, Rock left behind right, recover.
3,4&Take a long step left to left side, Rock right behind left, recover.
5.6&Step fwd right, step fwd left, make ½ turn right onto right
7,8&Step fwd left, step fwd right, make ½ turn right onto left

Please note there are 2 Restarts in this dance in the step description above - 1st one during wall 3, 2nd during wall 5



Barbara P August 13, 2019
My favourite dance taught this weekend at WDM Blackpool. Lovely flowing dance to a gorgeous piece of music.

Mad Phil September 5, 2019
Lovely nightclub, flows well to a sad country song

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