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Wendy Loh (MY) - April 2012
Dance starts 32 counts from vocal

Section 1 : Tap Tap, Point, Hitch, Tap, Tap, Point, Hitch
1,2Tap RF in front of LF, Step RF in place
3&4Point LF to L, Hitch LF with knee in, Move Left knee out to L
5,6Tap LF in front of RF, Step LF in place
7&8Point RF to R, Hitch RF with knee in, Move Right knee out to R

Section 2 : Stomp, Hold, Stomp, Hold, Hip Bump Forward
1-4Stomp RF to R, Hold, Stomp LF to L, Hold
5-8Push bump forward twice to the R side, twice to L side

Section 3 : Kick Ball Point, Kick Ball Point, Star Step
1&2Kick RF forward, Ball step on RF, Touch LF to L
3&4Kick LF forward, Ball step on LF, Touch RF to R
5&Turn ¼ L & Touch RF to R, Hitch RF
6&Repeat Step 5&
7&Repeat Step 5&
8Turn ¼ L & Touch RF to R

Section 4 : Touch, Step, Touch, Step, Step back, Hold, R ½ Turn, Hold
1-4Touch RF across LF, Step RF to R, Touch LF across RF, Step LF to L
5-8Step RF back, Hold, Turn ½ R, Hold

Section 5 : Forward Shuffle, Rock Recover, Knee Pop
1&2Forward Shuffle LRL - Step LF forward, Step RF beside LF, Step LF Forward
3,4Rock RF forward, Recover on LF
5,6Step RF beside LF & Touch LF, Step LF in place & Touch RF (Do Knee Pop)
7,8Repeat Steps 5,6

Section 6 : Back Shuffle, Rock Recover, Knee Pop
1&2Back Shuffle RLR - Step RF back, Step LF beside RF, Step RF back
3,4Rock LF back, Recover on RF
5,6Step LF beside RF & Touch RF, Step RF in place & Touch LF (Do Knee Pop)
7,8Repeat Steps 5,6
(Restart here at Wall 4)

Section 7 : L Side Mambo, R Side Mambo, Forward Mambo, Rock back Recover
1&2Rock LF to L, Recover on RF, Step LF beside RF
3&4Rock RF to R, Recover on LF, Step RF beside LF
5&6Rock LF forward, Recover on RF, Step LF beside RF
7,8Rock RF back, Recover on LF

Section 8 : Heel Jack, ½ Turn, ½ Turn
1&2&Cross RF over LF, Step LF beside RF, Touch R Heel, Step RF beside LF
3&4&Cross LF over RF, Step RF beside LF, Touch L Heel, Step LF beside RF
5,6Step RF forward, Turn ½ L
7,8Repeat Step 5,6

Restart: During Wall 4, dance 48 counts and add an ‘&’ count to transfer weight for a Restart
&Step LF in place & touch RF



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