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We Like To Party!

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Sobrielo Philip Gene (SG), EWS Winson (MY), David Hoyn (AUS), Alison Johnstone (AUS), Rebecca Lee (MY) & Grace David (KOR) - August 2021
We Like To Party - Vengaboys : (CD: The Vengabus)
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Intro : 64 counts in (Approx 0.28 sec)
Notes: There is a Restart on Wall 6 after 16 counts. This dance is choreographed to promote breast cancer awareness.
The hand actions depict how one can perform a breast self-examination.

#1 (1-8) R Side Rock & Recover, R Behind, L Side, R Cross, Hold, L Forward Diagonal Kick Ball Cross
1-2Weight on LF: Rock RF to R side (1), recover weight on LF (2) 12.00
3-5Cross RF behind LF (3), step LF to L side (4), cross RFover LF (5) 12.00
6Hold for 1 count (6) - do any freestyle according to the lyrics 12.00
7&8Kick LF forward to L diagonal (7), close LF beside RF (&), cross RF over LF (8) 12.00

#2 (9-16) L Side Rock & Recover ¼ (R), L-R Forward Walk, L Forward with Double Hip Bumps, R Forward Kick X2
1-2Rock LF to L side (1), recover weight on RF while turning ¼ R (2) 3.00
3-4Step LF forward (3), step RF forward (4) - you may wave both hands in the air 3.00
5-6Step LF forward bumping hips forward for 2 counts (5-6) - keeping weight on LF 3.00
7-8Kick RF forward for 2 counts (7-8) *** 3.00
Restart here on Wall 6. Begin the dance again facing 12.00 o'clock.

#3 (17-24) R-L Back Touches with Claps, (R Side, Hold, L Close, Hold) with Slight Body Movements
1-4Step RF back (1), touch L toes next to RF and clap (2), step LF back (3), touch R toes next to LF and clap (4) 3.00
5-6Step RF to R side bending / leaning body forward with hands placed on the waist (5), hold for 1 count (6) 3.00
7-8Close LF next to RF recovering body into neutral position with hands placed on the waist (7), hold for 1 count (8) 3.00

#4 (25-32) R-L Out Steps, L Hip Bumps X2 with Hand Motions, R Jazz Box ½ (R)
1-2Step RF to R side (1), step LF to L side (2) - no weight 3.00
3-4Bump hips to L side and circle both hands inward in front of the chest for 2 counts (3-4) - may use one hand 3.00
5-8Cross RF over LF (5), turn ¼ R stepping LF back (6), turn another ¼ R stepping RF forward (7), close LF next to RF(8) 9.00

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