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We'll Let It Go (P)

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Beginner / Intermediate Pattern Partner: Flow danc
George and Sandy Washbond (May 2015)
Let It Go by George Strait
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Position: Sweetheart/Same Foot Work

(1-8) Right, Left, Side Rock Recover, Cross & Cross
1 - 2Rock Right to Right Side, Recover on Left
3&4Right Cross & Cross Over Left
5 - 6Rock Left to Left Side, Recover on Right
7&8Left Cross & Cross Over Right

(9-16) Walk, Walk, Triple Step, Rock Recover, Coaster
1 – 2Walk Right, Walk Left
3&4Right Triple Step
5 – 6Rocker forward Left, Recover on Right
7&8Left Coaster Step

(17-20) {Drop Hands} ½ Turn Left, Triple ¼ Turn Triple, Rock Rec. ¼ Turn Left, Triple In Place
1 -2Man - Steps Right Forward Pivot ½ Turn Left
1 – 2Lady - Step Forward On Right Pivot ¼ Left Weight On Left (facing ILOD)
3&4Man - ¼ Turn Left On Triple Step (facing OLOD dance)
3&4Lady - Triple Step In Place

(21-28) {Pick up Hands} ½ Pinwheel Turn Right, ¼ Pinwheel Turn Right
1 – 2Walk Left, Walk Right
3&4Left Triple Step
5 – 6Walk Right, Walk Left
7&8Right Triple Step

(29-32){Drop Hand} Rock Recover, Triple Forward, Pivot ½ Turn Right, Triple Forward
1 – 2Man –Drop left Hand & switch to Lady’s Left as She turns Into Sweet} Rock back Left, Recover Right
1 – 2Lady – Step Forward Left, Pivot ½ Right (facing LOD)
3&4Man - Left Triple Forward
3&4Lady – Left Triple Forward


Last Update – 7th May 2015

( 12:23:13)


TAGF April 29, 2015
There is something wrong with this step sheet. 7&8 of section 1 and 1-2 of section 2 will not work. Weight is on wrong foot.

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