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Wendys Wedding

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Lisa Hillman (Sweden 2008-12-30),
"Wendys Wedding" – Eva Eastwood & The Major Key
Right, touch, Left, touch. Shuffle to right, rock recover
1234 RF to right, LF touch beside RF, LF to Left, RF touch beside LF
5&678 RF to right, LF beside RF, RF to right, LF rock back and recover to RF

Turn ¼ to Left (3 o clock), Step back, Cross, Back, Back, Cross, Back, Touch
1234 LF step back ¼ turn to Left, RF step back, LF step cross over RF, RF step back
5678 LF step back, RF cross over LF. LF step back, RF touch beside LF

Kick ball change, Kick ball cange, Step turn (9 o clock), Full Turn
1&2 Kick RF forward. Step right beside left. Step onto left in place
3&4 Kick RF forward. Step right beside left. Step onto left in place
56 RF step forward and turn ½ to left. (weight on LF)
78 Making ½ turn Left step RF back, Making ½ turn Left step RF forward.

RF Walk, LF Walk, Monterey ¼ to Right (12 o clock), Monterey ¼ to Right (3 o clock)
12 RF walk forward, LF walk forward
34 Point RF to right, make a ¼ turn to right
56 Point LF to Left, Step LF beside RF.
78 Point RF to right, make ¼ turn to right

Point, Touch, Rumba box
1234 Point LF to left, touch LF beside RF, LF to left, Step RF beside LF
5678 Step LF forward, hold. Step RF to Right, step LF beside RF.

Rock back, recover, Right Lock Forward, Left Lock Forward, Left Step forward
1234 Step RF back, Recover to LF, RF step forward, LF lock behind RF
5678 RF step forward, LF step forward, RF lock behind LF, LF step forward

Rock forward, recover, rock back, recover, Jazzbox ¼ turn
1234 RF rock forward, recover to LF, RF rock back, recover to LF
5678 Cross RF over LF. Turn ¼ right and step back on LF. Step RF to right side step LF beside RF

Point, turn ¼, point, step beside right, Right Weave, Cross
1234 Right point to right, turn ¼ to right. Point left to left. Step left beside right.
4567 Right to right, Left behind right. Right to right. Left cross Right.



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