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We're Knockin' Boots (P)

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High Improver partner
Keith Riess (USA) & Nicky Riess (USA) - April 2019
Knockin' Boots - Luke Bryan
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[START]* Dance starts right away on “Truck”; Single Hand Hold Facing LOD; Ladies Outside, Men Inside Man’s footwork described; ladies opposite footwork, except where noted.

[1–8] Step Side, Touch, Step Side, Tap Partner’s Foot in Front, Step, Lock, Step, Brush
1-4Step L to L side (1), Touch R toe next to L (2), Step R to R side (3), Tap lady’s R foot with L in front (4)
5-8Step forward L (5), Lock R behind L (6), Step forward L (7), Brush R (8)

[9-16] Rock, Recover, ¼ Turn, Hold, Step, ¼ Turn, ¼ Turn, Hold
1-4Rock forward R (1), Recover L (2), Turn ¼ R stepping side R (3), Hold (4) (facing OLOD)
5-8Man: Step forward L (5), Turn ¼ R stepping side R (6), Turn ¼ R stepping side L (7), Hold (8) (facing ILOD)
5-8Lady: Turn ¼ L stepping side R (5), Turn ¼ L stepping side L (6), Step R next to L (7), Hold (8) (facing OLOD)
[Hands: Man’s R hand brings lady’s L hand over her head during counts 5, 6, and 7, picking lady up in closed (social) position on count 8.]

[17-24] ¼ Turn, Walk, Walk, Hold, Rocking Chair
1-4Man: Turn ¼ R stepping side R (1), Walk forward L (2), Walk forward R (3), Hold (4) (facing LOD)
1-4Lady: Turn ¼ R stepping back L (1), Walk back R (2), Walk back L (3), Hold (4) (facing RLOD)
5-8Man: Rock forward L (5), Recover R (6), Rock back L (7), Recover R (8)
5-8Lady: Rock back R (5), Recover L (6), Turn ½ L stepping back R (7), Step L forward (8) (facing LOD)
[Hands: Man’s R hand picks up lady’s L hand into double hand hold on count 6. Man’s L hand brings lady’s R hand over her head during counts 7 and 8, placing her into a wrapped position. Man’s L hand and lady’s R hand are connected in front and the man’s R hand remains behind the lady’s back while holding her L hand at the lady’s R hip.]

[25-32] Step, Lock, Step, Brush, Walk, Walk, Step Side (Bump Hips), Touch
1-4Step forward L (1), Lock R behind L (2), Step forward L (3), Brush R (4)
5-8Man: Walk forward R (5), Walk forward L (6), Step R to R side (bump hips) (7), Touch L toe next to R (8)
5-8Lady: Turn ½ R stepping back L, Turn ½ R stepping forward R (6) (to LOD), Step L to L side (bump hips) (7), Touch R toe next to L (8) (facing LOD)
[Hands: Man releases lady’s R hand on count 4. Man continues to hold lady’s L hand with his R to guide her through the ½ turns for counts 5 and 6, unwrapping her back around into single hand hold.]


*Depending on the line dance you pair with our pattern partner dance, make sure both dances [START] at the same time.
For example, some line dances may contain a 32-count intro before the dance begins.

[CONTACT] Keith & Nicky Riess
Delco Line Dancing


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