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Westminster Boogie

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Forty Arroyo (USA) - September 2009
The Way You Make Me Feel - Michael Jackson
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Dedicated to the seniors at Westminster School, Simsbury, CT

Great floor split for “Vivacious” choreographed by ShaBeDa

Step, Together, Heel Lifts, Step, Together, Heel Lifts
1-2,&3&4 Step forward R diagonal, Step L next to R, Lift heels, Drop heels, Lift heels, Drop heels
1-2,&3&4 Step forward L diagonal, Step R next to L, Lift heels, Drop heels, Lift heels, Drop heels

Step, Touch, Step Touch, Step Back - R L R L
1-4 Step back R diagonal, Touch L next to R (clap), Step back L diagonal, Touch R next to L (clap)
5-8 Stepping back on the diagonal - step back R, L, R, L
Note: (5-8) When stepping back with R push R shoulder back – when stepping back on L push L shoulder back

Big Step Forward, Together, Bump Hips - Repeat
1-2 Giant Step forward with R, Step L next to R,
&3&4 Bump hips back and forward (&3), Repeat for (&4)
Note: pump arms forward and back as you do hip bumps.
5-6,&7&8 Repeat steps 1- 4 of this section

2 Paddle Turns L, Weave Left , Stomp
1-4 Step forward on R, Turn 1/8 to L, Step forward on R, Turn 1/8 to L (end at 9 o’clock)
5-8 Cross R over L, Step L to side, Cross R behind L, Stomp L next to R (weight on L)
Note: For a little style - push off of LF to start the dance.

Enjoy!! Try It Contra For Added Fun!!


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