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We've Got Tonight

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Improver 2S
Mike Hitchen (UK) - October 2021
One little tag at the end wall 5

#16 count intro music- iTunes & Amazon

Section 1: 1/4 Turn JAZZ BOX CROSS, ROCK & CROSS, WEAVE ¼ TURN LEFT Step ½ Turn.
1Cross right over left.
2&3¼ turn right stepping left back, step right to side, cross left over right. (3.00)
4&5Rock right to side, recover to left, cross right over left.
6&7Step left to side, Cross right behind left, Step left ¼ turn left. (12.00)
8&Step right forward, Pivot ½ turn left. ( Weight on left ) (6.00)

Section 2: Two Step ¼ Turn left, ¼ Back Sweep, behind side cross sweep, Cross Turn Turn.
1-2&Step right ¼ turn left, Rock left behind right, Recover to right. (300)
3-4&Step left to left, Rock right behind left Recover to left.
5Step right back ¼ turn left, Sweeping left round. (12.00)
6&7Cross left behind right, Step right to side. Cross left over right Sweeping right round.
8&1Cross right over left, ¼ turn right stepping left back, ¼ turn stepping right to side. (6.00)
Section 3: Bump hips LRL, 1/8t Turn Right Run RLR, Mambo Step, Coaster Step.
2&3Bump hips LRL. (6.00)
4&5Turn 1/8th turn right Run RLR.
6&7Rock forward left, Recover to right, Step left back.
8&1Step right back, Step left together, Step right forward turning 1/8th turn left (6.00)

Section 4: Step lock Step, Step Turn Turn, Coaster Step, & Step.
2&3Step left forward, Lock right behind left, Step left forward.
4&5Step right forward, Pivot ½ left weight on left, Pivot ½ turn on left stepping right back.
6&7Step left back, Step right together, Step left forward.
&8Step right next to left, Step left forward.
TAG: 2 count tag end of wall 5
1-2 Bump hips Right - Left


Pegleg October 4, 2021
Nice little dance to good music. Nice one Mike

Littlebuck October 7, 2021
Nice little dance, well done

needlenurse October 7, 2021
Like the music,dance to it looks nice,well done Mike

ELLS October 10, 2021
Great little dance

bjb October 10, 2021
Fab little dance fits great to the music. Nice one Mike x

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