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What If I Never Get Over You

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Gwen Walker (USA) - May 2019
Thank you Sandi VanVliet for the song suggestion.

#16 Ct intro after beat kicks in, 2 easy tags

[1-8] L forward rock, L triple back, R back rock, ½ turn R triple
1-2Rock forward on L , recover to R
3&4Step L back, step R beside L, Step L back
5-6Rock back on R, recover to L
7&8Step R ¼ turn to left, Step L beside R, Step R back ¼ left (6:00)

[9-16] L back rock, L triple forward, step R forward, step L ¼ right, behind, side, cross
1-2Rock back on L, recover to R
3&4Step L forward, step R beside L, step L forward, ( short steps) (6:00)
5-6Step R forward, step L ¼ turn to R (9:00)
7&8Step R behind L, step L to left side, step R in front of L (9:00)

[17-24] Syncopated rock steps, ½ R sailor, touch L forward, side.
1-2&Rock L out to left side , recover to R, step L next to R
3-4Rock R out to right side, recover to L (9:00)
5&6Step R ¼ turn right behind L, step L ¼ turn right to left side, step R to right side (3:00)
7-8Touch L toe forward, touch L toe to left side. (3:00)

[25-32] L triple forward, R step ½, R triple forward, L step 1/2 turn
1&2Step L forward, step R beside L, step L forward (3:00)
3-4Step R forward pivot ½ turn left, weight to L (9:00)
5&6Step R forward, step L beside R, step R forward
7-8Step L forward pivot ½ turn right, weight to R (3:00)

TAGS: 2 easy tags at the end of wall 1 & 2, easily heard in the music.
[1-4] Sway L, R, L, R, start dance at beginning.

Dance ends on wall 9 count 20, do a ¼ turn Sailor to face front wall.

Dance From the Heart with JOY!!!!!

Contact - Gwen Walker:


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