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What Lovers Do

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Low Intermediate
Brandon Zahorsky (USA) - January 2018
Maroon 5 - What Lovers Do ft. SZA (iTunes)
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Forward Mambo, Modified Coaster Step, Sailor Step, 1/4 Turn Sailor Step
1&2Rock R forward (1), Recover back L (&), Step R next to L (2)
3&4Step L back (3), Step R next to L (&), Step L to side (4)
(Modified Coaster Step), Finish stepping your L out to L side
5&6Step R behind L (5), Step L to L side (&), Step R to R side (6)
7&8Step L behind R (7), Step R 1/4 turn over L shoulder to side (&), Step L to side (8) (9:00)

Rock, Recover, Triple Back Knee Pops, Triple Back Knee Pops, Rock, Recover
1,2Rock R forward (1), Recover back on L (2)
3&4Step R back while popping L knee up (3), Step L next to R (&), Step R back while Popping L knee up (4)
5&6Step L back while popping R knee up (5), Step R next to L (&), Step L back while popping R knee up (6)
7,8Rock R back (7), Recover forward L (8)
Tag on Wall 9, Dance 16 counts into the dance and the music stops. Hold four counts and Restart the dance. While you are holding, you can do a special pose!

Walk Right Left, Triple Forward, 1/4 Turn Pivot, Behind Side Cross
1,2Step R forward (1), Step L forward (2)
3&4Step R forward (3), Step L next to R (&), Step R forward (4)
5,6Step L forward (5), Pivot 1/4 on R over R shoulder (6) (12:00)
7&8Step L behind R (7), Step R to side (&), Cross L over R (8)

Hold, Ball Cross, Rock, Recover 1/4 Turn, Body Roll Back, Body Roll Back
1&2Hold (1), Step R to side (&), Cross L over R (2)
3,4Rock R to side (3), Recover 1/4 turn over R shoulder (4), (3:00)
5,6Step R diagonal back (5), Touch L next to R (6) Styling: Body Roll Back
7,8Step L diagonal back (7), Touch R next to L (8) Styling: Body Roll Back

Dance and Enjoy!!


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