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High Improver
Neville Fitzgerald (UK) & Julie Harris (UK) - March 2017
Whatchugot - Caro Emerald : (Emerald Island EP - iTunes)
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Start in Vocals..

Side, Together, Forward, Lock Step Forward, Rock, Recover, Coaster Cross.
1-3Step Left to Left side, Step Right next to Left, Step Forward on Left.
4&5Step forward on Right, lock Left behind Right, step forward on Right.
6-7Rock forward on Left, recover on Right.
8&1Step back on Left, step Right next to Left, cross step Left over Right.

Side Rock, Recover, Behind, Side, Cross, 1/4, 1/4, Cross Rock Side.
2-3Rock Right to Right side, recover on Left.
4&5Cross step Right behind Left, step left to Left side , cross step Right across Left.
6-7Make 1/4 turn to Right stepping back on Left, 1/4 turn to Right stepping Right to Right side. (6.00)
8&1Cross rock Left across Right, recover on right, step Left to Left side. *R*

Drag, Touch, Chassee Side, Rock Back, Recover, Touch, Ball, Cross.
2-3Drag Right towards Left, touch Right next to Left.
4&5Step right to Right side, step Left next to Right, step Right to Right side.
6-7Cross rock Left behind Right, recover on Right.
8&1Touch Left next to Right, step Left to Left side, cross step Right over Left.

Side Rock, Recover, Sailor 1/4, Step, 1/2 Pivot, Step.
2-3Rock Left to Left side, recover on Right.
4&5Cross step Left behind Right, make 1/4 turn to Left stepping Right to Right side, step forward on Left. (3.00)]
6-7Step forward on Right, pivot 1/2 turn to Left. (9.00)
8Step forward on Right.

Restart with Tag on Wall 6
TAG: Dance Up to and including count 17 then add Tag below you will be facing 3.00
Back Rock Recover, Side Together Side, Back Rock Recover, Side Together (Side)
2-3Cross rock Right behind Left, recover on Left.
4&5Step Right to Right Side, step Left next to Right, Step Right to Right side.
6-7Cross Rock Left behind Right, recover on Right.
8&(1) Step Left to Left side, step Right next to Left. ( Step Left to Left to begin again )

Last Update - 10th April 2017


Yada April 10, 2017
Really appreciate when we have a cha cha beat, that we actually get dances with cha cha timing! Thank you. I'm slowly getting my dancers use to dancing a cha cha with the correct timing, and having dances like this really helps.

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